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  1. Street Ka Hardtop

    Thanks! I managed to find out that the BMW Z4 cover fits the streetka too! May be able to get that a little cheaper :P
  2. Street Ka Hardtop

    THANK YOU!! That looks great! What did you type in to search that?!!! Sounds silly i know but i can't seem to find it! Heehee
  3. streetka faults?

    I am do exactly the same today! :P
  4. Street Ka Hardtop

    I already have a hardtop which i now have took off! Its just a cover i need for it to store it. Tried searching on the internet but i don't think there is such thing! You do get them for BMW, Lotus etc but none for a Street Ka!
  5. Does anyone know where I would be able to purchase a hardtop cover for my Street Ka? I have searched on the internet but can't find one which is specifically made for the Street Ka. I am in desperate need of one..need to get the roof off for all this sunshine! :P Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone! Thought id drop bye & say hi! Currently drive a 1.6l StreetKa! Siany :)