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  1. 2013 St Petrol Fuel Tank

    in italy is from 1.750€/liter to 1.900€/liter (ron 95)... <_<
  2. 2013 St Petrol Fuel Tank

    my curiosity: which is now the price of 95ron in uk?
  3. All Cleaned Up &#4322826;

    Amazing! is the best color
  4. Cleaned!

    ok... I read on the web the wd40 cleans very well the wheels
  5. Your Fiesta

    Fantastic. You have a spacers?
  6. Cleaned!

    good job! What you use to clean the wheels?
  7. Sitting Low.. Too Low I Think.

    very nice! but i think its too low... if you have perfect roads ...its ok
  8. Hi From Simone From Italy

    Hi guys, thanks
  9. Hi i'm Simone (Simon i think in UK) from italy(Turin). I drive a white Fiesta Individual ecoboost 100hp 2013, with original 17 wheels and complete leather seats.