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  1. Thanks so much mate. Just what i wanted to hear
  2. He peeps. Just got my Sportex back box and want to fit it, but i was wondering if my exhaust is original or has my backbox been changed? I have no trolly jack so was unable to have a good lock but i got my phone under there and took a picture. So, is the the original or has it been cut and replaced? Thanks
  3. Iirc my old saxo used to do that. Haven't tried it in my Focus though. Sent from my S5
  4. what 32 PSI all round? Think I'll just stick with that then.Sent from my S5
  5. WoW great information. ThanksSent from my S5
  6. Thanks mate. That helps a lot. Wonder why the previous owner changed the wheel size? 30 at front and 33 at rear? Shouldn't it be the other way round? Sent from my S5
  7. Ah. I pumped mine up while hot. Maybe I will pump to 35 psi also and see how that goes. Finished spraying my 3rd wheel today so will do it tomorrow. Sent from my S5
  8. Hey. I'm currently respraying my wheels and just thought what my tyre pressure it should be pumped to. There is no tyre pressure plate in the door jamb. So i was wondering what pressure is best. I have pumped up one tyre so far to 32 PSI but looks a bit flat to me (at front), and one back tyre to 32 PSI. Maybe 34 PSI at front and 32 PSI at rear? What do you run? Oh my tyre size is 205/55 R16
  9. Did you press hard on the key fob after the first chime. If you did, should chime again. I had to press real hard on mine. All my buttons are stiff. Sent from my S5
  10. Should solve central locking Sent from my S5
  11. This may sound stupid but i thought i had the same problem. I then realised the engine had to be running for them to work. Either that or mine suddenly started working.
  12. Mine is located behind the glove box. Sent from my S5
  13. Would it look stupid if i respray these alloys black because it has that plastic hub cap in the middle even if removed?
  14. Oh i hope not. I had continuous problems with my Saxo's ICV. If the mounts were loose, wouldn't it fail MOT? It's Just passed about a week and a half ago.
  15. Hey when i start the car for the first time, its starts strait away but then the idle very slightly moves up and down and makes my exhaust rattle slightly with the vibration. If i blip the throttle, it settles down instantly. Is this normal? I'm getting it serviced on Friday so hope it'le solve the problem. Ta