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  1. Took my car into fords this morning, and the bloke said hes never came across this as of yet, it could be a 5 min job, or a whole new unit may be needed, in which case he said it could be a long process :o Booked in for the 15th september, just hope its a 5 min job
  2. booked in with ford tomorrow, so i'll let you know what the problem is. Just hope they dont wanna keep me car :(
  3. Mine had about 12 miles on the clock........ blimey, that seems ages ago
  4. I tried mine out last night after reading this thread, and it seems i have the same problem :( when i turn my lights on.......everything lights up except the "cd" and "aux", do we have to change a bulb or something??? Looks like im back to the dealers :(
  5. Thanks for all your replys. Heard of dodo juice, and know its a really good wax, may try them....... but what one do i use for a panther black....anyone know???? also do i buy a hard wax, or liquid??? for drying off i use a mircofibre cloth..... is that where im going wrong???? It seems to be im doing 1 lot of panels at a time, to get the finish i want, then when i get to where i started theres a run mark from the mirror or something, it drives me bonkers !! <_<
  6. :o I love it !!!!!!!!! I just knew they'd bring this out, Whens this due to be released in 2010........ anyone know??? I LIKE ...........I WANT :P
  7. Hi all After cleaning my panther black fezzi, was totally driven mad by all the run marks What do you use for cleaning your car??? And can anyone reccommend a good car wax??? Thanx Debz
  8. :D Aww.....congratulations Amy ! Been a long time waiting for you.....but believe me "Its well worth the wait" ! Bet tomorrow can't come sooner for you B)
  9. Hi Horza My Remote key came standard with my fezzi, although, when my order was being placed i did order a spare which cost £30. :)
  10. My dealer was exactly the same Daz.... I even said to him " I should work here, as ive rang you more then you've rang me" :P But when the car gets handed over to you.... you will get a call from ford (service centre) to ask if you were satisfied with the dealer etc B)
  11. Hi ya I took out the Gap insurance, as i thought it was a good deal..... but my insurance covers me for the 1st year, so i got it to start nxt year for 3 years ;)
  12. ;) Celtic that is stunning !!! Loving the white badges too, really sets it off !
  13. :( You obviously had some good evidence there jack...... please dont tell me the police done nothing about that???? :(
  14. im so sorry to hear this !!! It makes me so angry when idiots like this can ruin your pride and joy ! You work &#33;Removed&#33; hard to get what you want, and some jealous s***** come and spoil it ! Gutted for you ashman !! Hope it all gets sorted soon for you ! :(
  15. :D pleased for you amy ! glad its nearly all complete for you! now all it wants is you behind the wheel. You'll love it !! :D