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  1. which exhaust is louder, cobra catback non resonated or milltek catback non resonated? or is their any other louder than them? catbacks only! I have the fiesta metal edition, would the zetec s mk7 exhaust fit the metal edition?
  2. whats the loudest catback out their? i just want a loud exhaust
  3. whats a good straight threw? 1.6, 134bhp
  4. i just got fiest zetec s mk7 metal editon, i want a new exhaust, i want a catback non resonated exhaust. which is the loudest one i could buy?
  5. I have just bought a fiest zetec s metal edition, im looking to upgrade my exhaust! i want a loud one. i want a cat back non-resonated exhaust, which one would be the loudest one out their? :)