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  1. Hello ! So I'm researching into buying either a Ford Focus ST Estate or a Mondeo Estate. I'm married, have a little boy (20 months) and a (sheep) dog. I currently drive a (non-ford) GTI hatch but am definitely buying a ford. On the one hand I'd quite like a Focus ST Estate, on the other I know that I'd get tons of boot space with the Mondeo Estate. Primarily it's for the regular trips up to the in-laws with the wife, kid, dog, bags etc. We also enjoy traveling around the UK (Peak District, Pembrokeshire, Devon, Cornwall, Isle of WIght) so I'm considering the Mondeo just because of the sheer size of storage space. Having loads of room for the dog, bags for week long holidays appeals to me. On the flip side, I live in SE London. Will I find the Mondeo too much of a beast when doing the fortnightly trips to the supermarket. Is the Mondeo excessive for my "couple-of-times-a-year" trips around the UK, and will the sport Focus ST be more fun and more enjoyable. Lastly - if i do get an ST Estate, can I get a deisel, or is it Petrol only. Is it worth getting the ST3 ? or is it mostly extra gadgets that I'm paying for and an ST1 will suit me as a reformed family man. A lot of questions I know, but any advice welcome.
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