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  1. First Time Ford Owner

    Welcome mate! My step dad had a little fiesta like this and it didn't give up! Amazing car!
  2. Oi Oi!!

    ah !Removed!.. got a target on my back now!
  3. Oi Oi!!

    Don't get me wrong.. corsa's are ok! My second corsa is still going strong, i gave it to my sister and its a 56 plate and got 33,000 on the clock and the only thing thats went wrong with it is a oil leak but that was quickly sorted!! Thanks for the welcoming people, Feeling the forum already!!
  4. All Scottish Members - Let Yourself Be Known

    zetec-rab88- glasgow!
  5. Oi Oi!!

    Thought id drop by and say hi! Little info.. Rab, Glasgow, 25! Car history!! Corsa..Corsa.. A3.. Focus.. Focus*current car* Just got myself the new focus 14 plate after having my old focus for 3 year and loving every minute of it from cheap insurance to nothing going seriously wrong with it!! So thought id stick to the Ford Family! Although my old focus i didn't do anything to it.. so i thought i would go ahead and do a few small things to it. Got some ideas in!! Anyway.. Look forward to get all the good information i need and getting some good banter in! Rab
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums zetec-rab88 :)

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