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  1. 07 Focus Ghia Bluetooth Unit

    Any idea where it is, please?
  2. 07 Focus Ghia Bluetooth Unit

    Thanks. The battery has been disconnected several times, alas. Each time I input the audio's code, the fault still remains. Thanks anyway.
  3. 07 Focus Ghia Bluetooth Unit

    Hello, everybody. My audio unit has not worked correctly now for some time. The radio can take from 10 seconds to 20 minutes to come on and I have lost my phone connection and my voice command feature. When I press the phone button on the top of the unit, it now only mutes the audio. Unfortunately, no Ford dealerships nor Ford themselves has given me any clear advice what to do, other than replace the whole unit itself; however, I have heard that if I try disconnecting the Bluetooth unit, starting the engine up and seeing if the audio works instantly, that it may just be the Bluetooth unit I need to replace. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums keith0205 :)

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