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  1. Sluggish TDCi 1.8

    Interesting thread. I have a 53 plate TDCi with almost 90K on the clock. Owned from new, serviced at the right times, had the timing belt done as it was being serviced and thought I may as well. However, recently, there is a clatter when I press the clutch in. Could this be the release bearing on it's last legs or maybe something more serious? Clucth still works, no slippage. I'd also be interested how much the dmf cost Ian P to get replaced as if I'm getting the clutch sorted, I may as well go the whole hog and get the dmf sorted as well. Anyone got any thoughts? Cheers
  2. Trip Computer

    If you get the 115tdci, you'll become a hooligan just like me. ;) I pay £125 for road tax. Spend the money, you won't regret it, but it costs me £57 to fill the tank abut it last almost 500 miles.
  3. Ford Focus Tail Light

    I had a very similar issue with my 03 Focus. I ended up replacing the bulb holder and hey presto, we have a tail light. Though I would give you the wisdom of my experience as well. :D
  4. Ford Focus Brake Issue

    Just had a strange issue occur with the brakes on my 2003 1.8 tdci Focus. New pads & discs have been fitted all round in the last 500 hundred miles and today for whatever reason, the warning light comes on under fairly heavy braking and whilst going round roundabouts. Also whilst stationary with the engine running and pressure being applied to the brake pedal, I get the impression that the pedal is very slowly going towards the floor. The fluid was not topped up when the new pads were fitted. There is also a 'click' from somewhere in the engine bay when I apply the brakes whilst the car is moving but not whilst stationary. No evidence of any leaks are visible around the calipers or under the engine bay and the master cylinder top is tight. Any ideas as I don't have any? Cheers