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  1. Braking Issue/maybe

    James I did try some fairly heavy braking tactics to try and clean up the discs when I first noticed the problem but it didn't really improve matters. If anything they gradually got worse rather than better. I think the root cause was that the previous owner was probably fairly light on the brake pedal and maybe did a lot of short trips. If the car stands for long periods corrosion and pitting can build up on the discs. I originally intended to use aftermarket discs and pads, I had used EBC before and had always been happy with them. However parts would be around £120 so I didn't think the Ford fully fitted price was too bad. I believe they use Motorcraft parts and although I did have some reservations about using the same as original this didn't appear to be a widespread problem with later Fiestas, so I put it down to the fact that maybe Ford had a duff batch of discs at the time of build.
  2. Braking Issue/maybe

    Hi James I had exactly the same issue as you when I bought my 9 months old Ecoboost 125 with 9000 miles on the clock. I assumed the same as you and thought it may be rust on the discs. I also suspected an ABS issue but as the pulsing rate varied with road speed it was more likely to be run-out on the discs. Sometimes it was more noticeable than others, and I had the slow speed pulsing as well. I had the local dealer check it out when in for service and he said there was corrosion and pitting on discs, and offered to skim the discs for £200. No thanks! Eventually I found a Ford main dealer that was willing to fit genuine replacement discs and pads at Ford's £175 fixed price repair price (normally only applicable to cars more than 4 years old) and the problem was solved. The car has been much nicer to drive since then. Incidentally when doing the job they found that one of the front brake callipers was partially seized so they had to free that off as well. Hope this is of help to you.
  3. Ecu Remap W/ Black Box

    Nick Not a smart idea to try to hide this information from your insurance company. You are only 17 and at the start of your motoring career. Better to build up your no claims bonus over the next 3 or 4 years and then look at performance upgrades, but if you are anything like I was at your age (fifty years ago!) I was always getting bored and changing cars every few months . Mainly old bangers bought from the local car auctions and rarely costing more than £100, and often making a profit when reselling them.
  4. Oil Catch Can For 1.0 L

    Why bother mucking about with things that are more likely to cause problems than prevent any? Regular oil and filter changes are the most important factors in extending engine life and if you are worried about oil contamination your time and money would be better spent in carrying these out more frequently.
  5. Servicing Options/software Updates ?

    Second service carried out three weeks ago at Ford dealer, assistance cover certificate arrived in the post two days after the service. Same procedure happened after the first service. Easiest way to check if your vehicle is covered is to give the Ford Assistance number a call and ask them to verify that your registration number is on their system.
  6. I am looking for advice on whether I am likely to encounter any problems if I disconnect the battery for 2 months or so whilst I am not using the car. The last time after I left it parked without being used for a few weeks the battery was completely dead on my return as there is always a small drain on the battery. I don't think there is a code for the radio on the Mk7.5 to worry about but I am unsure about other electronics such as ECUs giving problems after having power removed for long periods. I could of course keep a trickle charger connected but am worried about the fire risk whilst I am away. Any guidance would be very much appreciated.
  7. Noise From 1.0 Ecoboost 125Bhp Engine?

    Hi Jason Mine has the same 3 seconds delay before extinguishing the oil pressure warning lamp after a cold start, and is a bit rattly before the light goes out. Its never got any worse over the past 12 months, I mentioned it to the service manager at the first service and he reckoned the oil filter is mounted at an angle on the back of the engine and it can take a few seconds to fill with oil after a cold start if the anti-drain valve in the filter isn't doing its job 100%. The new filter did improve matters but there is still a slight delay. I've stopped worrying about it and carried on enjoying driving this very capable little 3 pot powered little car. Alan
  8. Battery Drain

    Thanks Allan for your reply, I don't have satnav but my car has factory fitted rear parking sensors. I did a search around on here before I posted but didn't find anything
  9. Battery Drain

    After parking my car whilst away for 4 weeks came back and the battery was completely dead. Not even warning lights on the dash. AA guy came and measured only 3 volts across the battery terminals. After starting ok with his booster pack he tested the battery and charging system and after leaving it running for 15 minutes he pronounced the battery ok. I have never had this before with previous cars that have had batteries much older than 18 months. The car has start/stop system (which I usually turn off) so the battery is quite a large high capacity type so shouldn't drain so quickly to such a low level. I am always careful to turn off the interior lights and entertainment system completely before I leave the car for more than a few days. If any members have ideas on what else to check it would be much appreciated. Also I thought that home trickle chargers could not be used with these EFB batteries used on cars with start/stop, but the AA guy seemed to think it was ok. The charger I have is a Ring Smartcharge 4 amp, the small electronic type about the size of a cordless phone.
  10. Premium Unleaded - Yes Or No?

    I've always been sceptical about the benefits of premium fuels, however after a couple of tank refills of Tesco Momentum 99 I swear that the little 1.0 Ecoboost motor runs better and pulls more cleanly from low revs than on the regular supermarket juice. Not noticed much difference in economy though, not that I monitor it too carefully anyway. Always seem around mid 40s mpg.
  11. Noise From 1.0 Ecoboost 125Bhp Engine?

    Well I couldn't hear any unusual rattle from your video clip, however others have mentioned previously that the turbo heat shield can rattle so that may be the problem if indeed there is a problem. If you are worried about it take it back to the dealer to check it out but I am sure they will say 'they all do that', cos as I said before it's not the quietest engine around.
  12. Noise From 1.0 Ecoboost 125Bhp Engine?

    It sounds perfectly normal to me. This 999cc powerhouse ain't the quietest of units but I think the 3 pot characteristic sound is more of a thrum than a rattle. I've just had my first service at an excellent small family owned Ford dealer in the Midlands and the Service Manager mentioned that all the 1.0 Ecoboost units sound a bit noisy. However I find that once on the move with the windows up the engine noise is quite muted. If it's any consolation at 11000 miles mine hasn't got any worse, if anything it has quietened down a bit. Or maybe I am getting used to it!
  13. Headlights Creaking! Mk7 Facelift

    Tom I don't have this issue on my Fiesta, but on my Mk3 Focus the rear light clusters make exactly the same noise. I don't hear it when driving along so it isn't so annoying but when you open the rear hatch and put your hand on the rear lights then you get the same creaking noise. The only thing that I can suggest is that when you pull the headlights out you put a light smear of white grease (the same stuff they use on the door catches and hinges) onto the fixing clip and mounting points. It may help. I don't think it means that there has been accident damage, just plastic against metal!
  14. Nick I've had mine for a few weeks now, it does take some getting used to especially the high gearing. I'm always going faster than I think I am in 4th gear, have to keep my eye on the speedo in town areas. My previous Focus 1.6 petrol was fairly low geared. My car has done around 10,000 miles so is well run in, I've just done my first long journey across country, mixture of motorways and A roads. As an experiment I managed to average 51mpg driving fairly gently, keeping to speed limits and changing up early in the rev range. To be honest I was averaging around 44mpg before, driving more enthusiastically, and I don't mind paying the penalty of a few less mpg to exploit the car's potential. I shall drive it harder after the first service which is due soon and see how the economy suffers. I didn't buy this car for the economy but mainly for the good power to weight ratio of the car and the wide torque band of the 125PS Ecoboost engine.
  15. Powershift Gearbox

    Peter I think it depends on how long your brother plans to keep the car. Based on the dubious long term reliability of dual clutch gearboxes, primarily VW Audi Group's DSG box and the Ford Powershift box, I wouldn't want to run one once it was outside of manufacturer's warranty. Repairs can prove very expensive as a friend of mine with a five year old 55k Audi A3 found out to his cost. On a positive note, Honest John's website review of the 1.0 Ecoboost Fiesta was quite favourable.