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  1. Hi there, I'm pretty new on here although I've been a member on and off for years. I have a 2011 (61) Fiesta Zetec 1.4 auto which I'm 'updating'. Btw, I'm 47 so this could be a mid life crisis in disguise! It is, obviously, pre-facelift I've fitted the part leather seats from a 2014/15 titanium and also installed the black fascia Ford Sat Nav DAB system. I figured out the seat wiring differences too. Heres the problem. My old Ford stereo set up had factory Bluetooth and worked great. I've now fitted the later system and I can't find Bluetooth on it and my iPhone doesn't see the audio system either. I CAN find SYNC options on the MENU screen but I cannot get in to them. Am I missing a piece of hardware? Or just a few marbles and failing to see an obvious solution? Also, while the sat nav worked straight away (and, my God, the screen is gorgeous compared with my old red LED screen!), I cannot get the display to show time and date. The dashes are there --:-- for time and --.--.---- for date and I've tried changing the DATE/TIME settings from manual to auto GPS but it doesn't make a difference. Oh, and my VOICE button no longer works. Again, am I missing something physical or mental? Lastly, on the back of the screen are 3 connectors. Red, black and blue. The blue one is gps and I've added an antenna. Anyone know what the other two are for? Any help or advice would be great, thank you. Andy
  2. Hi folks, This may sound a stupid question but is it possible to fit either the semi-auto gearbox or the full auto box to a TDCI engine? Or fit a TDCI engine into a semi-auto fusion? I'm now disabled but not enough for the DWP to give me Motability. So, as the mark 2 Fusion is my fave car, I'm looking to return to one. The he only issue is I must have an auto box and I need good economy as I no longer can work/earn. So, any of this possible? Any help or advice would be great. Thanks
  3. Happy Birthday andystarks!

  4. Hey there rafster Thanks for the reply. I have checked the 6000CD that is installed and it has a BT on/off option in the menu but I dont think it is actually installed so I assume its a plug in unit at the back. I reckon you are probably right about an after market unit, that way I can fit BT and a sat nav with one head unit. Cheers Andy
  5. hey there folks I am about to collect a 55 plate (post revision) Fiesta Style TDCi. Now, I know on the Zetec Blue you get Bluetooth compatibility....can you retro fit this to the same shape Fiesta? If so, is it the Sony head unit that does the magic or is there some other gizmo built in to the car itself????? Any advice would be great. Cheers Andy