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  1. My passenger side was like it when I bought the car, horrible black adhesive oozing everywhere. Got tired of pushing it back into place behind the rubber and pulled it off, removed the glue close to the edges ( this looks like a failed attempt to stop wind noise?) and the thing just clicked back in and has remained in place every since (with no wind noise) They are a bit cheap and nasty though.
  2. I wrote to them when the gearbox went in my D reg 1.3 Escort! (going back a few years) it had just over 50K on the clock and was 2 years old. They paid for the parts and 50% of the labour, A drop in the ocean for Ford and today I am driving a Focus.
  3. cant understand how a fuel pump can break a cam belt? Get that second opinion.
  4. I think they just break down and fall apart! It's part of the key coding now, so costs a fortune to replace and re code. so common lots of people repair them. £68 with lifetime warranty sounds ok.
  5. just a warning, do you have any cats in the area? They use mine as a short cut to get off next doors garage, this is fine but in the Winter I get muddy prints on the roof and bonnet. I was going to buy a cover, but the chap who lives over the road bought one and had to have his car resprayed after! It seems if a cat sees a shiny surface, claws retract as the pads offer more grip, if the cat sees fabric claws out, his car got quite badly scratched.
  6. I have had wipers and screens go there, wire bends whenever boot opens I guess. Good luck.
  7. my second and third wires are broken since I bought the car, it still works just takes longer at the bottom! Shouldn't stop the whole screen working, I have seen repair pens.
  8. I think the mark 2.5 looks the best, I doubt whether they're as hardy as the mark 1 though.
  9. Fixed prices, you can book on line
  10. Ford dealer price is £339 for cam belt only or £449 for cam belt water pump and auxiliary belt. It's worth getting water pump done anyway for the labour saving especially if you haven't changed the coolant, you are probably due a change to save the matrix corroding. They told me cutting the auxiliary belt saves time for them hence no charge. I paid £550 (I think) with a aircon re- gas, brake fluid change, service and MOT I called it my 50K service! I done 48951.
  11. it's 8 years for the petrol
  12. Ford +4 do fixed prices. I got my 2009 1.6 100 Zetec done last year £550 MOT full service cam belt water pump serpentine belt which I thought was pretty good for a main dealer. They have fixed prices cam belt only was £339 Motorcraft parts
  13. take it out the garage and never return. I have a 2009 1.6 Zetec 50K on the clock, every year it goes to the main dealer for MOT and alternative minor and major services. The only thing they ever found except a jammed wheel nut was drake disks. Last year I ASKED for brake fluid, timing belt and water pump. On 1.6 it's 8 years or 100k. Exhaust and suspension I really would get a second opinion and I don't believe the head gasket, if you do short journeys and don't use Dunlop oil you can get some cram around the filler neck. Get second opinion,
  14. I do alternative minor and major Ford 4+ services on my 2009 Focus, same time as MOT, Ford stamp in book Motorcraft parts and I don't pay a lot more if any than if I took it to a local.
  15. I have the same car on a 09 plate, my next door neighbor has the same engine on a 2007 Titanium. I had mine done two months ago, by Ford dealer with a Motorcraft service, I have only done 48000 but car is over 7 years old and I got it done as I think they're 'interference' engines? (hope that's right) so it can be messy if belt breaks. Nor sure if I'm going to keep car but it's got full main dealer service and they did cam belt and water pump too now. They haven't let me down I know the parts are good, and price is on the web so I know I not being ripped off. My neighbor hasn't had his changed yet similar mileage approaching ten years. I have never heard of a Focus cam belt breaking but if one did it would be mine!