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  1. Water From Exhaust?????

    That's why short journey's kill exhausts, they don't dry out and leave condensation inside the pipe that rusts.
  2. Occasional long crank time from cold start.

    I have a 2009 model, it did it on the first day I had it and 3 more times in 2 years. One Ford dealer said it was a software glitch. Another said it was fuel backing out of the engine feed. Probably still does it but I can live with 4 times in 2 years. + it always starts.
  3. Braking noise

    That's what I thought but wouldn't they make noise as soon as I pressed brake? They only covered 8 thousand I wondered if a pad was loose.
  4. Braking noise

    Hi 1.6 petrol Zetec 2009. Recently when braking, just as I am coming to a stop there is a scraping knocking sound, that is the same speed as the wheel is turning, I can't work out where it's coming from but it seem to be the rear, release brake and it goes? only noticeable just as speedo drops below 10 MPH. Any ideas? Cheers
  5. Focus 1.6 100HP Timing belt questions

    I am pretty sure I am correct is saying It was 10 years or 100K, they reduced it to 8 years.
  6. Cam belt change and Garage recommendations

    Agreed, no way they are paying £150 for the parts!
  7. Mk 2.5 focus zetec s suspension question

    all cosmetic.
  8. Footwell Air con .... pipes????

    I have a 2.5. It has 2 black plastic flute type things under the front seats, they face to the rear to send air or heat to the people in the back I reckon.
  9. Fog Light Switch

    Thanks. It's a doddle once you know where they are! Just thought it was odd you can't see it in the dark, it's also odd that the light switch also only lights up once they are turned on I suppose. Thanks for saving my dismantling the dashboard looking for a blown LED that isn't there. Adam Maybe me, just been reminded I had a game finding full beam too..
  10. Fog Light Switch

    Hi Just a quick one, just drove into a foggy area and eventually worked out where my fog light switch is (pull once for front twice for rear) It's the only part of my dashboard that isn't back lit. The warning lights on the cluster come on but around the actual light switch the fog lights are shown below the switch but doesn't light up, the area above the switch and the height adjustment light up. But not the fog switch below the light switch, Is it meant to? Hope that makes sense. It's a 2009 1.6 Zetec mark 2.5 BTW
  11. Flashing Lights On Start Up?

    yeah, and the relayclicks and other strangeness! It only did it when it had been standing a day or so. He put the tester on and it said replace straight away, he said it's not meant to do that!, took the battery off the car and it said replace straight away again. it was ten volts and he said it should be 14? When I took the car for a test drive (18 months ago) the showroom had left the battery connected and the doors open! It was completely discharged I'm lucky I got 18 months out of it. Fitted a 550 watt Yuasa calcium/calcium with 4 year warranty.
  12. Flashing Lights On Start Up?

    cheers guys, new battery fitted, starter motor is much quicker. I think I replaced it just before it let me down!
  13. Flashing Lights On Start Up?

    will do, cheers.
  14. Hi I have a 2009 V2.5 1.6 (100) Zetec Focus, It doesn't have automatic lights. It's on original battery and sometimes the starter seems a little slow when car has been standing for a few days, but it has never let me down. Last week it stood for 9 days started, there did seem to be some clicking noises fro the dash area, but car started, did a 16 mile trip with no lights or wipers on, came home and adjusted my tailgate striker (need to do this ever now and then to stop it rattling!) So boot light was on for a while. Car then stood for 5 days and when I came to start it this morning, it again started fine, again there were clicks and my neighbour had parked facing me, never happened before, but when I started my lights flashed his? They were turned off? I checked everything else, clock is showing correct time ETC. Obviously it won't do it again now as I am guessing there is enough charge? Anyone seem this before? Is it a sign my battery is on the way out? Cheers.
  15. Pressure In Coolant System

    I have a 1.6 petrol and mine does the same, well not so much but it will drop to below the minimum until the cap is removed. If you Google it, as I did many seem to do it. There is a really mixed input, but the most common reply seems to be, start engine and if it goes to the max don't worry! a little hard to check. If you put more in it will just push it out when it gets up to temp.