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  1. take it out the garage and never return. I have a 2009 1.6 Zetec 50K on the clock, every year it goes to the main dealer for MOT and alternative minor and major services. The only thing they ever found except a jammed wheel nut was drake disks. Last year I ASKED for brake fluid, timing belt and water pump. On 1.6 it's 8 years or 100k. Exhaust and suspension I really would get a second opinion and I don't believe the head gasket, if you do short journeys and don't use Dunlop oil you can get some cram around the filler neck. Get second opinion,
  2. I do alternative minor and major Ford 4+ services on my 2009 Focus, same time as MOT, Ford stamp in book Motorcraft parts and I don't pay a lot more if any than if I took it to a local.
  3. I have the same car on a 09 plate, my next door neighbor has the same engine on a 2007 Titanium. I had mine done two months ago, by Ford dealer with a Motorcraft service, I have only done 48000 but car is over 7 years old and I got it done as I think they're 'interference' engines? (hope that's right) so it can be messy if belt breaks. Nor sure if I'm going to keep car but it's got full main dealer service and they did cam belt and water pump too now. They haven't let me down I know the parts are good, and price is on the web so I know I not being ripped off. My neighbor hasn't had his changed yet similar mileage approaching ten years. I have never heard of a Focus cam belt breaking but if one did it would be mine!
  4. they were a terrible idea when they came out many years ago, when I bought my car it had one intact! Ford replaced them all last year as a good will gesture for breaking my wheel hub on it's MOT (this is a Ford main dealer) less than a year later, the same main dealer changed cam belt and stretch belt and broke two of them after telling me the year before tire depots break them by not knowing what they are doing.... They replaced them again. Wheel nuts you can't use air guns with in 2009? top idea.
  5. Or rocking it in gear used to work on every Ford I owned in the 1980's (><) They get dry spots in the windings.
  6. Hi, please forgive my stupidity if this is obvious. You know the bottom jubilee clip on the expansion tank has been moved away from tank?
  7. I haven't had an advisory yet on the Focus. But the previous car used to get loads, go to the same garage and disappear, reappear, I never did any of them, every other year I got CV gaiter damaged but not leaking. I had the car nearly 9 years, the last MOT had no advisories, six months later it was crushed..... My argument has always been, fail it then, if not please don't de-value my car. I mean, if I was buying it off you "you must knock a grand off for three struts mate."
  8. Ah! mines the old 1.6 duratek one, maybe a mistake not picked up by previous owner. I agree the only 1.0L is petrol I believe.
  9. mine (1.6 petrol) was £185 last month, £30 is diesel + DPF
  10. I wondered what the REP meant. I am new to my area so don't know any garages, I bought Focus 2 years ago with 37k on the clock. So I booked in it for MOT and a Ford 4+ Major service, and this year a minor one, both times they found nothing, no advisories, so I kind of trust em. All the prices are fixed (click on repairs)
  11. Bill reads: Supplied and fitted timing belt, water pump, aux belt and replaced Anti freeze with three litres. Ford health check all ok (service a week ago) Kit, water pump rep anti freeze litre Kit drive belts kit timing belt bolt bolt lot of money for a piece of paper.. so that's not a new water pump then I guess? unless rep is replace, I was thinking repair.
  12. Agreed, my first black car so I had mine done, looked terrible. Clayed it and did it myself looked better, but not deep or sparkling. Clayed it again and used Zymol rain cleans car,always looks clean, no silly maintenance, I just reapply every six months. I think DiamondBright was made long before water based paint, I would never waste my money again.
  13. Hi Garage just called to confirm my booking, they told me they will replace the 'stretch belt'? Not long after I bought the car on full lock it was spraying power steering fluid over everything, especially that belt, they put s newer strong pipe on and it's been fine since but they didn't replace the belt. Thanks for the help.
  14. Hi I am trying to keep my car in Good condition and save unnecessary repairs. It's a 2009 2.5 100BHP 1.6 petrol model. it has 47k on the clock, I bought it two years ago and except a power steering house leaking and being replaced it has been good and still drives pretty much like a new car. Full Ford service history, brake fluid changed last year as it had a small amount of water in it, also had the air con regassed. As I can afford it now and I am off work, I am going to get Cam belt changed, I know the mileage is low but it's over 7 years since it was made and nearly 7 years since first registered, get it done and forget about it! It's going in Tuesday and I have asked for water pump to be replaced too. I know the coolant says replace on 8 years, do they need fresh coolant to do the job anyway? And if the auxiliary belt were to snap can that cause massive damage? I read it runs water pump? Trying to cover everything, it's got to last me a few years yet. Thanks
  15. How do you fit those? I have seen them before but there seems to be cowling and all sorts in the way?