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  1. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    Sorry I was on phone, didn't mean to double post, can't see anyway to delete (other than report) Hope you get this sorted.
  2. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    They just find their own levels! Ridiculous I know, but we have 5 mark 2.5 at work and they all sit below the minimum. I had my 2009 a week and panicked when the coolant was below minimum, topped it up and the next day it had dropped again, but it never dropped any further. Ford dealer replaced the cap a couple of years ago and it sits just a little higher now. There are several threads on it. try a new cap /Keep your eye on it.
  3. Focus Mk2.5 Front Driver Seat Lower Plastic Trim

    Mines always been a bit wobbly but stays roughly in place. My seat also lowers itself! and clicks and knocks. Cheaply made clearly.
  4. Ford focus st 2008 clutch issues

    Every car I have ever owned (I'm nearly 50) has had a slight gearbox rattle in neutral that vanishes when you put the clutch in, or start with the clutch pressed.
  5. 2009 v2.5 front fog light

    Pretty sure it came out of the factory like it! Managed to nip them up to stop it moving. Anyone want a fossilized daddy long legs? 😂
  6. 2009 v2.5 front fog light

    Give that a look tomorrow. thanks.
  7. 2009 v2.5 front fog light

    Hi, I just noticed my n/s/f fog light seem a little loose, it moves slightly when I was washing it, the other side doesn't, I can't work out for the life of me how to remove it? They both work by the way
  8. Battery, need help asap.

    Yuasa are great batteries.
  9. Focus 2009 clutch issue

    I had a French car before my Focus, the clutch was on the floor! somehow managed 129000 miles (everything else had fallen off though) Constantly adjusting the floor mat and pressing so hard you get a worn knee is much worse trust me :)
  10. Focus 2009 clutch issue

    Use the search function, they are all like very high (and self adjusting anyway, a new one will have the same biting point) If it's not slipping it's fine. enter = High biting point
  11. My passenger side was like it when I bought the car, horrible black adhesive oozing everywhere. Got tired of pushing it back into place behind the rubber and pulled it off, removed the glue close to the edges ( this looks like a failed attempt to stop wind noise?) and the thing just clicked back in and has remained in place every since (with no wind noise) They are a bit cheap and nasty though.
  12. ecoboost died again

    I wrote to them when the gearbox went in my D reg 1.3 Escort! (going back a few years) it had just over 50K on the clock and was 2 years old. They paid for the parts and 50% of the labour, A drop in the ocean for Ford and today I am driving a Focus.
  13. HELP!

    cant understand how a fuel pump can break a cam belt? Get that second opinion.
  14. I think they just break down and fall apart! It's part of the key coding now, so costs a fortune to replace and re code. so common lots of people repair them. £68 with lifetime warranty sounds ok.