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  1. 09 Mondeo Parking Sensors

    Cheers for the replys still waiting to get under the car but dont fancy getting drowned at the moment ;)
  2. 09 Mondeo Parking Sensors

  3. 09 Mondeo Parking Sensors

    Looking for some advice. Had a van go into the back of me at a junction and the parking sensors would stop working now and again with a loud beeping and the button on the dash flashing. This happened a few times and the guy agreed to replace the rear sensors. Once they were replaced at the ford garage I use it initially fixed the problem but now it happens every time I use reverse. I have switched back to the old sensors and it’s not made any difference. What I am not sure of is that the sensors are they simple swap out to replace them or do they have to be programed in? I noticed the item numbers for the old and new ones are different but that might not make any difference. Failing that anyone have any suggestions or advise before I go back to the garage with this one. Cheers ScoobieDoo
  4. Steering Malfunction Error Message

    Hi Mate Mines turned out to be a sensor to do with the keyless entry I was getting the steering error message and then not long after it the car just cut out and wouldnt even turn over powered up but nothing worked and wouldnt start Said that the sensor was part of a system that alows the car to start and because the sensor was broke it wouldnt alow it to go any further This happened a few times and was reprogrammed before they advised me to replace it (About £350 ish) Since its been replaced to be fair I have had no issues
  5. Hi Looking for some info with my 09 Mondeo I Noticed the other day when driving that the tabs on the hud console disappeared leaving just the radio greyed out and the settings and trip options available left it as it was as I had to go into work and when I checked it later all was well this has happened again since but not for a few days Now when I was on the car tonight I got an error message on the console steering malfunction got home and switched off and back on again started fine same error message Disconnected the battery and left it off for about half an hour and then connected it back up car powers up when unlocking and still gives the error steering malfunction but now will no longer start It’s a key less entry and I have tried the other key and also sticking the key in the blanked off slot where a normal key goes and still the car won’t start doesn't give me the press clutch message that normally comes on before starting Had a look at the fuses for the key less and steering lock and they look ok and tried the battery again and still nothing Any ideas or suggestions before I book it in to get looked at and potentially cost me a fortune Cheers ScoobieDoo