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  1. Hey all The problem: Today after starting the car after work, the EML came on (amber), car would now rev higher than 1500 rpm and sounded like it was running on 2-3 cylinders. I have had this problem before a few times, all I have had to do is turn off the car and wait a short time and fire it up again, problem then goes away (for a while) Today however, the problem seems to be really bad, it took me 3 attempts to drive about 22 miles. That is the bizarre point, I can inbetween the EML being on, drive quite normal. The car will occasionally jump, the best way I can explain is when a petrol car would misfire and there is a hesitation. Sometimes this happens on acceleration or deceleration. Also now noticed that the traction control light is also on, however now the EML is red no longer amber I spent £30 and called a mobile diagnostic technician. Found the following error codes: P1204 - Injection circuit open/short circuit cylinder 4General failure information - no sub type informationU0405 - Invalid data received from speed control moduleGeneral failure information - no sub type information U0401 - Invalid data received from engine control module/powertrain control moduleAlgorithm based failure - event information B112B - Steering wheel moduleGeneral failure information - mechanical failureU0010 - Medium speed CAN communication busGeneral failure information - no sub type informationU0199 - Lost communication with door control module AGeneral failure information - no sub type informationU0200 - Lost communication with door control module BGeneral failure information - no sub type information So he has cleared all the codes for me and suggested I get the P1204 injector issue sorted, may need a new injector and coding or a refurb and coding. Also said I had a networking issue going on somewhere, he suggested I take it to Ford direct as networking issues can be really difficult to troubleshoot. Any ideas what an injector for this car would cost new/refurbed (if possible) and an injector reocde?
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