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  1. Engine Malfunction Warning Display

    Thanks for your offer Simon. I'm on a weeks holiday next week, I might just take you up on your offer up when I get back. The mrs has been wanting to go to 'Ikea' which I think isn't that far from you!
  2. Engine Malfunction Warning Display

    I've found the 4 stage procedure with the fuel cap flap and the ignition key, but it doe's state, This will only work if done before the 'Engine Malfunction light' comes on! Specialist diagnostic equipment is needed after!
  3. Engine Malfunction Warning Display

    Do you know the procedure Ian? I'd rather do the whole job myself now I've got this far!
  4. Engine Malfunction Warning Display

    Thanks for reply anyway Martin, Its narrowed down many things. and your comments are very valid also.
  5. Engine Malfunction Warning Display

    Well I hope its the fluid and not the glow plugs, I've heard the glow plugs are extremely difficult to remove without breaking them, as they are mega thin on these engines!
  6. Engine Malfunction Warning Display

    Thanks for your reply Simon. After some searching on the internet I found a guy with an Identical car to mine with the exact same symptoms. He had an empty DPF fluid tank, I've checked my tank this morning and mine is empty also so I'm hoping this is where the problem lies!
  7. Thanks for posting a solution to your problem. I think my Dpf tank could be empty also as I car has the same symptoms as yours!
  8. Engine Malfunction Warning Display

    The light hasn't gone off at all, it's on all the time. The car is running great, Engine management light is off, there's no codes to read on my simple obd reader, I've scanned the internet looking for idea's but nobody seems to be replying! I hope you have better luck than me WES 180
  9. Engine Malfunction Warning Display

    The engine management light hasn't come on and when I plug the OBD in it says there are no codes to read!
  10. I've a Focus 1.6 tdci 2009 and I have a big triangle light up filling the whole display say 'Engine Malfunction' The car seems to be running fine and the engine sounds like it always did! I wondering why this light has come on and what I can do about it!
  11. This car is the 109 dpf model. I've spent a fortune on this problem resently. Its been in and out of my local independent garage so many times I've lost count. The car has intermittent boost presure. When pulling away from a standing start it has'nt any turbo boost at all, but when the engine is running above 1500 rpm at a settled speed the boost can kick in like it should if I need to accelerate, but not every time! The car has done 90,000 miles with regular full service history. Parts I've had fitted include the following. New Turbo, New DPF, New Thottle body, new fuel filter. new airfilter and new egr value. The engine management light works, because it comes on then goes off like it should when I start the car but it does'nt come on to show this fault! My mechanic has been using his 'Snap on Solex' computer to look for faults but can't find any on that either. I've also noticed in the last week or so that the engine cooling fan is on and working hard and is often still on for another 2 minutes after I have finish driving the car but the Temp gauge just reads normal! The engine cooling fan never used to be working as often as this during the summer months! I'm sure all these parts I've had were'nt necessary and i've fallen out with 2 garages over this. I've either got a very bad car or the mechanic's don't know what their doing! If anybody has come accross this problem before I'd be glad to hear from you.
  12. Intercooler Pipe On 2007 Ford Focus 1.6 Tdci

    In alot of cases the part number is writen on the old part also!
  13. Focus 1.6 Tdci 2009 Diesel Fuel Pump Timing

    It started in the end. It was quite hard bleeding the air out the fuel lines to the injectors.
  14. 2009 Mk 2.5 Tdci 1.6 Problems

    I got a DPF for my 2009 focus 1.6 TDCI from Euro Car Parts it was £300. and £50 to have it fitted!
  15. Ford Focus 1.6 Tdci (109 Ps)

    I know its just low oil presure to the turbo, I don't have a problem untill I drive the car very hard, then I can hear the turbo squeal because not enough oil is getting up there, hence I just potter at low revs all the time now. The next thing to look at would be changing the oil pump but first I would like to fit an 'Oil presure gauge' I don't know if anybody has done this but will ask if can't get an answer anywhere else.