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  1. The 70 amp will be for the Glow plugs. I wouldn't of thought the fan relay would be anything special! Just standard looking! Maybe green and square!
  2. If its petrol engine, could be the 'coil pack' on its way out! If the EML is on and the OBD reads a missfire I'd change that first.
  3. What about the fuel filter, also is the Engine Management light on?
  4. I didn't get any replys to my last post regarding this issue. so I'll try again, I recently ran the Eloys fluid tank to empty for the DPF which caused the 'Engine Malfunction' light to come on and the eml also (code P2584). I've since filled the Eloys tank back to full but now need to reset the ecu to clear the 'Engine Malfunction' light. Can anybody advise me what kit I will need to purchase to do this job. My cheap and cheerful obd reader can only read and clear codes, or is there somebody local that can quote me a price to do the work. Regards John.
  5. I've had the above codes appear from my engine together with the 'Engine Malfuntion' light. The Eloys fluid tank was empty, i've now refilled it but need someone with a suitable diagnostic tool to reset the ecu as the car is running in Limp mode. Is there anybody in the Leicester area I can bring the car too!
  6. This post has been helpful to me. I've resently had the 'Engine Malfunction' light appear and the EML with the P2584 code (fuel additive control module) and sure enough on inspection I've found my Eloys tank to be empty! I've refilled it and reset the EML but the Engine Malfuntion light and bleeper still operate so think I will try my skills next with the 'Forscan' software. I've just ordered the cable off ebay. I'm hoping its going to be easy and stright forward! I'll keep you posted.
  7. Thanks for your offer Simon. I'm on a weeks holiday next week, I might just take you up on your offer up when I get back. The mrs has been wanting to go to 'Ikea' which I think isn't that far from you!
  8. I've found the 4 stage procedure with the fuel cap flap and the ignition key, but it doe's state, This will only work if done before the 'Engine Malfunction light' comes on! Specialist diagnostic equipment is needed after!
  9. Do you know the procedure Ian? I'd rather do the whole job myself now I've got this far!
  10. Thanks for reply anyway Martin, Its narrowed down many things. and your comments are very valid also.
  11. Well I hope its the fluid and not the glow plugs, I've heard the glow plugs are extremely difficult to remove without breaking them, as they are mega thin on these engines!
  12. Thanks for your reply Simon. After some searching on the internet I found a guy with an Identical car to mine with the exact same symptoms. He had an empty DPF fluid tank, I've checked my tank this morning and mine is empty also so I'm hoping this is where the problem lies!
  13. Thanks for posting a solution to your problem. I think my Dpf tank could be empty also as I car has the same symptoms as yours!
  14. The light hasn't gone off at all, it's on all the time. The car is running great, Engine management light is off, there's no codes to read on my simple obd reader, I've scanned the internet looking for idea's but nobody seems to be replying! I hope you have better luck than me WES 180
  15. The engine management light hasn't come on and when I plug the OBD in it says there are no codes to read!