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  1. DV6 engine query

    It has the DV6TED4 version of the engine fitted to that vehicle 110ps is a dead giveaway, these are the 16v engines. Hope that helps!
  2. Don't know where to post this but please move if it's in the wrong section. I bought a lovely stainless steel sports cat off eBay in January last year more specifically this one:- ...At the sum of £200, however I didn't fit it until August 2016. Coming back from Ford Fair this year I noticed a strange noise coming from the front exhaust area. Getting under the car I find a nice crack in my lovely new manifold which is causing a blow. The crack has developed along the middle of the weld between the cat and the downpipe. I've emailed the seller asking for advice and they have basically told me to do one and are not remotely interested. Considering it is stainless steel, the car has done roughly 4,000 miles i wouldn't expect such a failure to occur. Has anyone actually got one of these manifolds fitted to their cars? And any advice on what I can do if anything?
  3. To facelift a Mk7 you need a:- Bonnet, bumper, headlights, radiator support panel, crossmember and lower skirt. It can be done but it's an expensive task depending on where you find your parts and if you can carry out the work yourself. I'm not 100% on the DRL's functioning with the correct plug as I don't know the wiring layout between the two models but I would say it is possible to get them functioning as they should.
  4. What brake pads?

    At least you are sorted mate
  5. Help with bolt thread size

    You are correct, they do resemble wood screws and are self tapping. They have a coarse thread and screw directly into the plastic on the armrest components.
  6. Is this possible? Upgrade my car BLUETOOTH

    DAB is definitely new head unit and all other associated wiring Luke is correct. Would be cheaper to install a Parrot if you are simply wanting phone hands free, for playing music via bluetooth there is a separate bluetooth module you can actually buy. Read this thread for a little more information:-
  7. Breakers yard and cut a pair off. That's what I did, alternatively find some breaking a Fiesta on eBay and send them a message. There are a few different combo's of headlight fitted to the face lift e.g. with DRL and without make sure you are getting the correct plug for your light.
  8. Calipers

    I had the luxury of having the car off the road for a few days. Mine were originally coated red from the factory as they are ST calipers. I keyed them with a coarse scotch pad and then gave them four coats of caliper paint. I'm actually looking at re painting them with polyurethane 2k paint.
  9. Mk7 Fezza Zetec S

    First time at Ford Fair yesterday, great event despite the poor traffic management but we got there in the end. Half an hour before setting off on Saturday night we were still working on the car. Engine bed, Bilsteins and the new anti roll bar went on on the Friday along with my new ST180 brake setup. Saturday saw the rear disks and pads changed and new Goodridge brake hoses fitted to match the front, at least it all worked! From the looks of it it caused quite a bit of confusion for some people who came to have a look when I parked up. She's a bit of a work in progress at the moment so I'm looking forward to next years Ford Fair when all work will have been completed.
  10. What brake pads?

    It's those ones mate, the other type are only fitted to the ST hence the bigger size. Hope it helps. And while we are on it, £34.99 from ECP! Jesus! We sell them out at roughly 20 quid a set! As mentioned Eicher pads are absolute rubbish, the same can be said for the disks as well look like they've been knocked up in a garden shed. Problem is the all the Eicher stuff is coming out of India and quality control is... Well I don't think they have any
  11. Mk7 Fezza Zetec S

    Funny that you should mention that, I was talking to my dad about this very thing the other day. The honest answer is I don't know how much a remap would be because nearly everyone i've spoke to in the North East will not touch my car for some reason, I don't get it? Might be worth talking to Pumaspeed or someone similar just to see if it can be done. Glad you like the seats! I love them! I removed all the Focus brackets from the bottom, nipped up to the salvage yard and nicked a couple of runners from the bottom of a Fiesta seat, chopped off the inner rails so that the Recaros would sit flat on the runners when bolted to the car, using the existing holes on the bottom of the Focus runners I used six high tensile short bolts and bolted the seats to the Fiesta runners and the end result is shown
  12. Type of engine oil

    Definitely 5w20 fully synthetic. Ford changed the oil spec for this engine, I work in a motor factors so I can confirm this for certain.
  13. Sat nav retrofit

    Handy guide can be found here my friend. I know it says Sony but ignore that bit they are the same procedure
  14. Mk7 Fezza Zetec S

    So It's been quite a while since I've updated this topic but here's where I am at:- RS Recaros are in, the front at least New center console with matching covers with seats Rear Bilsteins are fitted along with the Eibach anti roll bar Today we have been fitting the new front bumper and various accessories to suit! And without further delay here's some pretty pictures to enjoy
  15. Emailed Kelsey and amended my tickets see you guys there!