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  1. Egr Blanking Sort Of Issue :)

    hi guys blanking off the egr valve on a vehicle thats supposed to have one fitted and working is just a waste of time and effort an erg is fitted to reduce pollution so in effect your making the running of your vehicle worse and giving the possibility of failing the mot test i have owned and worked on many diesel vehicles and believe me they all ran much better when everything was working properly. common erg faults are caused by lack of oil changes and short stop start journeys when the engine doesn't get hot enough to burn off any contaminates from running. they need a good blast on a a regular basis
  2. Weird Noise When Parked And Engine Off

    a common problem is with the siren battery going duff it creates problems in the system and the alarm siren starts to sound or wail intermittently and at varying levels
  3. Cannot Open Rear Doors

    Yeah that's it. Steads is right you'll prob ave a bust wire on pass door it would be better fixing that first it'll prob make all the doors work then Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. Cannot Open Rear Doors

    The MOT test changed not so long ago rear doors have to open and latch securely in the closed position as do the front doors (also have to open from inside), bonnet, boot lid/tail gate these are some of the things that are supposed to be checked before it is tested. yeah like sorry mate i've had your car all day and not tested it because i can't open the boot . :D anyway you've got knackered wiring somewhere and it sounds like the back doors are deadlocked, before you go knackering up the rear locks to open the doors have a look at the wiring to the front doors and the control module. you can also split the wiring into the rear lock n try powering it up from a good battery
  5. Focus 6 Speed Gearbox?

    i'm really after a 6 speed box from a 2.0ltr petrol so it's an easy fit either from a ford ,volvo or mazda as they use the same parts. A diesel box would only be a second option
  6. Problem With Clutch/gear

    that sounds like the master cylinder when the seal fails it lets fluid back into the reservoir so the pedal won't fully return. Liffting it up by hand as you have done sorts this out well done :D
  7. Problem With Clutch/gear

    check the fluid in the reservoir it's fed from the brake reservoir if its low top it up and press the clutch pedal lots if its got air in the system this sometimes gets it out as it normally just gets into the master cylinder. check for leaks under the car if there is fluid there suspect the slave cylinder (concentric bearing). Check in the car is there fluid on the floor around the pedal? this will be the master cylinder and is an easy fix/replacement the bearing on the other hand is gearbox out. If you bleed the system and the clutch action comes back keep the reservoir topped up you'll be ok for a while so long as you keep topping up :D :D :D
  8. Focus 6 Speed Gearbox?

    hi guys I've got a 2.0ltr petrol focus cc 2008 it's got a 5 speed gearbox in it at the moment but as the clutch is on it's way out i'm thinking of perhaps a 6 speed box to split the ratio's a little ( i think its a bit sluggish ) but i'm having problems finding out if they actually fitted a 6 speed box to a 2.0ltr petrol engine and what the gearbox code is? I know they fitted the same parts in the volvo and mazda but again it's all down to what code? Is one of the diesel box's compatible?
  9. What Polish Do You Use?

    i use triple wax car shampoo bought a 5ltr tub years ago still got half of it left as you only need a capful. and i use farecla to polish with a machine when i have time B)
  10. Supercharger Or Turbo?

    first off dude i like where your coming from but unfortunately your engine block is not equipped to take a turbo there's no oil feed port or drain to the sump. !Removed! loads of work oil pump up-grade intercooler & hoses not forgetting to mention you will have to remap the ecm n possibly change the head gasket to lower the compression ratio etc honestly if you wanna go fast buy a car with a powerful engine n grin
  11. hi welly lots of things can cause this but first thing to check is all the fuses, if a fuse to the ECM or fuel system blew when you turned it off it won't go if all the fuses are ok you really need to get someone to scan/code read it. i do know they suffer from crank sensors and a duff dual mass flywheel can cause probs too try starting with in gear like 2nd n bring clutch pedal up slowly if it fires up its your flywheel. it could also have a crack in a fuel pipe do you smell fuel? if you do when you've fixed it you may need a mechanic to bleed the system don't go turning it over n over you'll knacker the high pressure pump. also under no circumstance never ever try to tow start it can cause irreparable damage
  12. Newbie/oldie?

    hi guys I'm mark n i,m a newbie here so i'll say a big hello to everyone. i' ve owned lots of fords my first car after passing my test(1987) was a mk3 cortina loved it n had lots of fords since. hope i can be of help as i'm a mechanic n mot tester in my day job. love playing games on my ps4 battlefield4 n call of duty ghosts my faves. ask me anything if i don't know i'll find out.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums mecmark :)

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