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  1. Thanks Steads! I'll check at the weekend. Ill rip door card off and see if I can spot anything. Thanks
  2. All doors, if I go outside now it won't work. But after driving a while the locks make a noise whilst im driving and then they work again! Most annoying trying to get little kids in the car! Any Ideas ?
  3. Focus Mark 1 I believe on a 51 Plate, Central Locking stops completely when it rains, when driving along and the car has warmed up a bit the locks start working as im driving along. I can only put this down to Moisture getting into the door and getting into the Mechanism and into the Modules in the door ? Is this a common problem ? Any fixes ? Once things have warmed up and the car has been used for a while it seems to start working again! Any Ideas ? Thanks in Advance Chris.
  4. Hi all, Just a couple of queries... i hope you can shed some light on for me, I have a 2001 (51) Mk1 Focus Estate... When it's wet the central locking stops working, When the car warms up all goes back to normal - during driving when its not working it does make noises and seems to start working again. I'm guessing its the mechanisms in one or more of the doors ? Blather it in WD40 and wrap it in something water proof ? Also my main key is starting to wear... Which key should I get ? the easiest to get hold of seems to be the blue chipp Tibb key, however my key is the one with the LED. Could I use one of the Remote Keys (3 Button) found on later models ? How can I tell if this will work ? Thanks in Advance. Chris.
  5. Hi all, Ive noticed a problem that has seemed to crop up in the last few days.... Ive got a 1.6 Zetec SE. Sometimes changing from 2nd to 3rd, if the revs are a tad low (30 mph say).. The car judders and changing down and accelerating works, then changing to 3rd when revs are higher. I'm a new driver so is this my error or is something wrong with the car ?, does it sometimes if im in a 40, and I change from 3rd to 4th and the revvs are a bit low or im creeping my speed up if I accelerating it 'Judders', Changing down to 3rd or 2nd is fine I can accelerate again. Sometimes slowing from 60, changing down to 4th.. if I have to accelerate again it judders slightly. ALSO, i've noticed any rapid acceleration or revving of the engine there's a slight 'Hiss' from the engine for a second or 2 as the revvs climb... is this normal for a Zetec ? Thanks in Advance.
  6. Hi all, I have a Focus Estate 1.6 CL, The boot release button is completely dead, when pressed there's nothing... No noises or anything!, meaning the boot only opens with the key. Have checked what fuses I can find and all seem to be intact, The fuses I have found are passengers side behind glove box... should I look for any more and does anyone know ere the fuse would be for boot release OR is it more likely a dodgy button ? Thanks all. Kind Regards, Chris
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums cpjvej2014 :)

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