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  1. Happy Birthday treecare!

  2. New user signing on

    Hi Carl and Al Very nice to read what you have said. I am in the market for a Ranger. I had a number of Fords. The Mondeo was the toughest car I have had, but I was lugging bits of tree and tools around in it. It was being thrashed. Then these helpful traveller.....Came last November and stole it. It was found six weeks later burnt out. With a few more bits to sort out over legal details I should able to get a reasonable Ranger. Much more suited to my line of work.
  3. New section please

    I would be very happy if that was possible.
  4. New member

    Its great to on the Ford Owners Club. I look forward to reading through the forum before I post.... I have a lot of questions, I will file those later. Have a good Easter. Take care