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  1. Boost gauge

    id use the sold pipe rather than the rubber tube, but essentially you want to drill out the pipe, fit the connector and insert the boot gauge pipe. or is it a digital gauge you have?
  2. mine was posted to me via royal mail, ive got a spare 3 spoke airbag cover and wheel if anyone wants them ;)
  3. Performance Air Filter

    the thing I like about the green cotton filter is that I haven't had to replace it at all, with the millage I do I'm changing the filter several times a year, after July the savings ive made have paid for the filter. in saying that, I'm not sure id bother if I got a new car, but fo now I might consider getting one of the ones with the hole in the end or I might just do a mod on the airbox for a bit more noise.
  4. I thought separating the cover and the airbag was nigh on impossible without breaking it?
  5. Cylinder Head Removal 1.6 tdci

    Get a Haynes manual, there is a lot to it by the sounds of it PSA managed to get just about everything bar the sump on top of the engine
  6. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    See if I had that handbrake, id half expect some jet engines to pop out of the boot and the afterburners let rip Mod anyone?? :D
  7. 1.6 TDCI engine cut off

    haha, so started with the simple stuff, fuel filter, thinking to myself, its been like 4000 miles, theres no way it can be blocked so changed the filter. No more problems which leads me to think that I either picked up a really crap, load of diesel the last time I filled up, (I did run it down to extremely empty which I never normally do) Or the filter was screwed to start with, it was a ford braded UFI filter in any case, panic over! thanks for all the support
  8. Cruise Control
  9. 1.6 TDCI engine cut off

    Did a leak off test on the injectors, just to be sure they are not causing the pressure fluctuations. All 4 normal and almost identical 4 min at idle - 20ml, a further 1 min at 2600RPM - 28ml a further 1 min idle and another min at 2600RPM, - 45ml drove to work again today, no cut outs, but the PSI and FP did go mental a few times, on a flat road with a steady speed. kept RPM below 2000
  10. 1.6 TDCI engine cut off

    ok, ill take your word on that, its as clear as mud from everything ive seen elsewhere! so there's nothing in there that can intermittently cause a restriction to fuel pressure under medium / hard acceleration?
  11. 1.6 TDCI engine cut off

    Can anyone answer this, is the fuel sender in the fuel tank of the 1.6 TDCI also a low pressure fuel pump? its sold as having a built in pump, however there seems to be some confusion if it does or does not have / use it? If its not a pump then unless it blocked its not really worth changing? if it were blocked or even restricted then it would surely not work at all rather than crappy random fuel delivery perhaps associated with a failing pump, the fuel levels are reported fine btw. It kinda makes sense that its not a pump since priming it requires the hand pump but hopefully one of you chaps will know for sure! Haynes even says theres an electric pump in the tank
  12. Cruise Control

    Should be! ;)
  13. 1.6 TDCI engine cut off

    what did you torque it up to? cant find anything in Haynes or etis for whats needed toremove it
  14. Cruise Control

    yes I know, ELMconfig is for the MK2, but foscan seems to have started building up functionality across a number of cars and versions.
  15. 1.6 TDCI engine cut off

    Cut out again, at around 1599.44 youll see the fuel pressure go mental, just before that was a heavy acceleration followed by a left and coast, speed and RPM drops off, PSI goes mental and engine cuts out, PSI drops to about 300, if you look at the 4th trace, the fuel pump %, youll see 3 little sets of 2 spikes, the first two were failed restarts, the 3rd got it going again. My first thought would be the fuel filter but it was a brand new replacement only about 5000 miles ago, tbh I thought it was a lot sooner than that, if I picked up a !Removed! batch of diesel whats the chances a fuel filter would pack in at 5k?