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  1. virtually everything you can buy for less than a hundred quid is going to be a Chinese knock off as you put it. If its only ford cars then get that and save yourself a fortune. there is nothing wrong with it and it has the medium CAN switch (GEM programming) OBDLink MX Bluetooth or SX usb is a good slightly more expensive alternative and has good software to match
  2. are you sure you don't? I thought all mk2.5 zetecs had the footwell lighting? you can power whatever you want from anything you want, the question is, is that the desired effect your looking for. The cig socket is always on meaning so will your lights, you could tap in to the console lighting but that will always be on with your sidelights.
  3. He didn't have a spare bit of silicone to give me but after a rummage around in the back of his van he found a complete sensor with silicone attached, connected up, job done!
  4. National windows did mine, guy was great though I think I will need to take a look at the wiper motor under the scuttle panel as the drivers side is clunking when it hits the top of its stroke. the window is great and like yourself its not ford but the chap was saying that there are only two companies that make those windows anyway so it is probably the same as ford branded ones! The only niggle is my dashcam and where to put it, ive put it under the mirror for now although it sits quite far down the window so I might need to remove it for MOTs, it doesn't block the road but will probably be an issue for them
  5. No CANBUS to worry about
  6. Baa, get them orrible yellow bulbs out of there! stick some 48 SMD jobbies in in the foot wells and some more white ones up top!
  7. well its been a long wait and after my window cracked in the heat I finally got around to getting the window replaced, auto lights and wipers now working. cheers for all the pointers, another mod well done :)
  8. its either cracked or the bulb holder seal wasn't on / correct, unless you went swimming in the sea it wont fill up uless there is a hole in it, from my experience its was the bulb holder not being put on correctly. but equally if the lamp is cracked then it could slowly fill up
  9. So hypothetically, to get global doors working on a standard focus with manual rear windows, you would need to replace the motor which includes the control module, the switches on both sides and potentially the floor loom? so replacing a doors with a door from a "comfort" version and potentially changing the floor loom, then activating via ELMConfig should get it working?
  10. something todo with the autostop, the reason our cars don't auto go up all the way is that there isn't a means to stop it chopping off ones head :) apparently. So I'm guessing it will need some sort of new motor that has a means to detect and stop the window closing if blocked, ill have a look at microcat if I get a chance later too see if there is different motors, last time I looked at the doors it was a bit of a nightmare trying to figure out which lock I needed so it might not be clear.
  11. haha, worse than a VW camper?? I suppose the small steering wheel must make doing a 3 point turn interesting lol
  12. Too many folk have never had the pleasure of not having any power assisted steering. perhaps that's why everyone who drives a lot now puts on more weight then they used too :)
  13. someone on here suggested that the mk3 pump was more powerful and might help push it further up, I'm not all that sure it is but its an interesting idea, edit, just saw you have a mk3 so ignore that, mk2 owners might find that a good wee project
  14. Lets be honest, how many of us still say that in our minds when you place that spanner / ratchet :D
  15. Every car has its purpose, if you drive any distance and have a job, this isn't the car for you, city driving to the shops and back, school runs etc, then happy days. Personally id like to see a lot more hybrid designs that harvest energy from driving / sun / braking and then utilise it when fuel is used the most, IE, starting off from standstill, rather than these all or nothing designs.