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  1. Nice, welcome to EGR valves, specifically designed to make someone who will never have to worry about the consequences of such a device or pay for the issues it will cause, feel all nice inside and dream about how wonderful it is they can save the planet. you want to be careful with that crap though, if you let the flakes fall in to the cylinder you might case some problems with the piston rings/ Barings etc
  2. I think its an M6 x 12mm, not having it connected may put some pressure on the hoses but shouldnt be a major issue, there are two bolts on that intercooler down pipe if you don't have either of them then its probably worth getting at least one of them inserted. If that metal pipe is just being held up by the two hoses at either end then it might make them split or come loose, it might rattle about a bit as well. unfortunately, due to some plonker at PSA (or was that a ford addition?), they designed that pipe and its mounts in such a way that prevents the oil filter being removed unless you loosen the bolts, fairly stupid really, its literally about half a CM out of position.
  3. Forscan will now program in new transponders in to PATS, so if you get a key cut as above but with a transponder, you can code it yourself and have a normal key as before
  4. Check the oil yourself fill it up to a point on a flat road having left the car for a period of time, then periodically check the level every couple of weeks, make sure its on the same bit of road and after the same amount of time after yo turn the engine off. the garage may have filled it up with 2l but you don't know how full it was before, perhaps the garage didn't fill it up properly the last time.
  5. if you happen to be reading this from a search on the subject, just to confuse you even more, the mk2.5 is often also called the mk3, and the mk3 is often called the mk4, and the 3.5 the mk5. Not exactly sure why this happens but many of the parts ive ordered for my mk2.5 have come from Germany and for whatever reason they are listed as above. So if you are buying parts, don't pay too much attention to the "mark x" check the year and ideally the finis number :)
  6. Not particularly sure that's a cool thing to say but hey ho. incidentally, your signature has a meet from 2014 listed, my flux capacitor is all screwy atm so probably cant make it ;)
  7. LCDs require a backlight to be seen proberly but thankfully on the focus the IC can be removed without messing about with the dash, undo the screws holding it to the dash, I think its 2 down the bottom on either side just above the steering wheel under a bit of plastic trim, then pull the whole IC forward from the top, be careful of the cables. I would suggest disconnecting the battery before doing anything.
  8. just about everything to be honest. id be expecting it to be on or very near its second timing belt / chain, valve clearances, the DMF and clutch will definitely need done if it hasn't been done already. Turbo will probably need an overhaul, suspension may need looked at, bushes. engine mounts. Thing is, most of that might have been taken care of, or it might not have :) I guess the most important one of them all is the timing belt / chain, that has the potential to ruin your day, I wouldn't feel comfortable without it being done recently. The suspension stuff must be ok if its passed an MOT but that doesn't mean its not on its way out. The clutch and DMF would be second on my list. the 1.8 tdci is work horse of an engine, nothing quite like it, simple and effective but chains, belts and tensioners can snap all to easily if they are old
  9. Same issue with my MTX75 box. I'm used to it now, took a wee while but its not a big deal any more
  10. if you can see the rings on the ball joint, they are colour coded, blue is 21mm, its a bit hard to see though, Orange is18. failing that I can check microcat but ill need you VIN or reg, PM it and I can have a look for you
  11. you are nearing the age it should be dealt with, problem with timing chains and tensioners is that they can just go, and when they do you can kiss goo bye to your valves and a sizeable amount of money to fix the mess. at 90k, Id say its time to get it sorted. 400 seems a little on the steep side if you ask me, shop about and see what you can get else where. remember you will need the timing belt, tensioners and water pump replaced.
  12. is yours definitely 19mm? my 2008 is 21mm. just changed my NS control arm at the weekend, pretty easy stuff and made a huge difference to the ride.
  13. which also lights up some neon tubes under the car, kicks the amp to position 11 and turns on a small jet engine attached to the exhaust :D
  14. aye, the back two were ok but that front one was a bugger. I cant get over how much of a difference its made to the ride, the car was very noisy on the front end, now the front is silent and you can clearly hear every drop an knock on the rear. going to replace the rear drop links soon and see if that will clear it up.
  15. so it is, blimey, he must have really whacked it at some speed or hit a big hole