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  1. I told my insurance that I fitted uprated Projectors, that was their wording, not mine. They never asked for specifics. I have installed 4600k bulbs because for anyone who actually drives at night knows, blue / white light on a black top gives you about as much visibility as looking through a pair of socks. That's why in some cases you can see folk driving around with white blue beams but your yellow / white beams return more clarity of the road ahead. Often people install 5000k bulbs expecting them to be awesome but the reality is you end up deluding yourself. Stick to around 4500, that is what most factory fitted bulbs are. LEDs are catching up but they suffer with the throw of light as well.
  2. my emissions, regarding smoke test are better now then when I brought the car! due to the way the car works in a smoke test, it never actually hits peak fuel. even smacking in to the rev limiter. The car is pretty cleaver, no load, low fuel supply. :) unless they did the smoke test on a rolling road or you car is utter trashed / major boost leak you'll be struggling to fail an MOT smoke test :) to be fair, I have a rear mounter cam and haven't seen any large smoke deposits, I get the occasional water vapour burst on a cold evening under heavy load but nothing more around the 1min mark
  3. Refineries are not the be all and end all of Diesel and Petrol production, additives are mixed with the base fuel afterwards, different additives for different suppliers so yes there are only a small number of refineries but there are countless variations to the base fuel that is produced The Lube in diesel comes from the sulphur, low sulphur = low lube, there isn't any dark art to all that. Ive been adding around 200ml of 2 stroke low ash mineral oil to a full tank for years, theres a noticeable improvement in mpg and noise, approx. 4dB at idle and about 5 mpg on the motorway. Tescos premium isn't the same as tescos regular, so yes it is better, but its better because of the additives put in it.
  4. my problem was the Bluetooth module under the dash, passanger side, above the glove box. disconnected, problem resolved, plugged it back it, IC stayed on. Wiring all looked good but for whatever reason the BT module was staying powered up, which for reasons unknown, meant the IC stayed on as well
  5. my tail gate handle is held on by 6 bolts as well as the plastic clips, they ripped all them out too? edit, actually don't look like you have them, how odd.
  6. I doubt it very much, in fact id bet that it wouldn't work, I know eonon make a DAB unit to plug in to their headunits to make them work with DAB, but they are quite expensive, around £70 or there abouts and are specific to their headunits your headunit looks like a typical generic Chinese job, it should have satnav unless it didn't come with a GPS receiver but don't count on getting DAB on it any time soon.
  7. i made my own, got some sheet rubber, used some finely honed CAD skills and used plastic bolts to clip them on. not bad for less than a tenner :)
  8. Cant see anything in that, id have thought it would appear on one of the two, cant see any future plans either so I wonder if there is some confusion over the MOT and the roadside testing...
  9. Ive heard several stories about this but haven't found anything conclusive at all, where would be the best place to find out Ian? There are changes in may to do with checking DPFs at the road side if you pulled over but I cant for the life of me find any mention to MOT changes...
  10. Do you have any citations for that? I don't see any mention of an additional DPF "test" in the MOT guides other than the obvious, is it there and has it been tampered with
  11. Haaha, nooo, that's not such a smart idea, Vpower Nitro+ Diesel :) I do however add about 200ml of 2 stroke mineral oil :)
  12. I always use it for my diesel, if I use BP or god forbid, a supermarket fuel, I can hear a lot more noise and get lower MPG. it averages out about 4% improvement over supermarket fuel. BP doesn't change the MPG at all but it sounds like a bag of spanners. End of the day, injectors and fuel pumps cost a lot of money to replace and since the lube is in the Diesel in the form of sulphur and diesel is now very low in sulphur, it s eems prudent to lube up the fuel somewhat and keep those injectors and high pressure fuel pumps ticking over nicely.
  13. dude, you need an ELM 327 device and find out exactly what the ECU is saying, i know you had someone out to check them but for some reason couldn't get it to talk but if you are able to start the car albeit, sub 2000RPM, then you should be getting some coms with the ECU. if you have fuel starvation issues it will flag as a fuel starvation problem. I know its tempting to just start replacing stuff but until you narrow it down you could end up replacing half the car before you get it right, if you go to a garage and ask them to check and change the injectors, they will probably find a problem with them and release you of a few hundred pounds to replace them, you don't want to be paying for their fishing which you will do if you have told them to do something. if your not happy to fault find this yourself then just leave it to them, they will probably get a diesel specialist in to take a look Ive had erroneous fuel sensor readings and starvation issues and ive yet to see a powertrain malfunction light up. it usually starts with hesitation under load and random cut outs, it will have a whole bunch of DTCs flagging pressure warnings.
  14. cant really see mate, it certainty doesn't look like its oozing or sitting low but the photo isn't much to go on
  15. "No Coms with ECU lets change the crank sensor". To be honest, I'm Not sure I follow your train of thought there! If your getting no coms with the ECU at all then its time for one of two things, firstly, as Peter said above, check all plugs and fuses, especially the plugs on the ECU and GEM, as well as the engine fuse board and where possible check the wiring looms for broken wires, especially between the OBD port and ECU, some of these will be too hard to visually follow so use a DMM to test continuity end to end and also check if there is any continuity between live and data wires as well as earth. failing that or if you are unable to check them, its time to take it to a specialist because there is no means for you to test the ECU itself. The fact the ECU isn't saying "hello" is a big problem trying anything else at this point will be fishing for a problem, doing it this way you could replace most of your modules and wiring looms in your car before you find the problem. have you tried taking off the battery for 15-30 min,?