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  1. Noisy interior at speed

    I sound proofed the boot wheel arches right through to the rear footwell. made little difference, I think it might be the doors, windows too thin? limited insulation between the engine bay and the cabin perhaps? I dunno, but it is the one thing I don't like about the car more than any other.
  2. Carbon fibre wrap

    any suggestions? I have some off cuts to redo the wee hatch but when it happens again ill need to redo the whole lot to get it looking the same.
  3. Carbon fibre wrap

    I found that cutting the circles like a pie and folding each triangle back worked well, then glued the triangle segments back. The only issue I have found is the garage door, the small indent lasted for about 6 months and recently popped up again, cant get it to stick back now
  4. replaced fuel filter CAN'T START

    Mine was, of course it might have been a replacement but the sender unit definitely had a pump in it, the replacements have the pumps so either ford have the pump and don't use it or its a replacement in my car
  5. replaced fuel filter CAN'T START

    There is no fuel tank pump on the 1.6 or 1.8 TDCIs. Well that's not strictly true, there is a pump, but Ford don't use it. The fuel is sucked up by the High pressure pump before being sent to the rail. Just fill up the pipes and filter with fuel, connect it all up, job done, (use the filtered fuel)
  6. replaced fuel filter CAN'T START

    Biggest bump in the history of the forum?
  7. Dpf questions

    Why would you bother to go to the effort of cutting it open then only do half the job?
  8. DRL on 2011 Mk3 Focus

    if you want to cut corners id suggest the ballasts are a good place to start and could save you a fortune, you don't need the relay kit and if you do you can buy a cheap ebay one, I wont skimp on bulbs again though which just leave the projector, it is expensive but ask yourself how much you will have to spend if the cheap projectors turn out to be crap and you have to send them back
  9. Its well worth considering, just mind that its about temp, not speed, if you have a 6 speed box then doing 70 in 6th wont get it hot enough, you need somewhere between 2500 and 3000 RPM IIRC
  10. DRL on 2011 Mk3 Focus they know their stuff, you can take a gamble and get some knock offs dirt cheap but its a bit of a mine field. I got a cheap set of ballasts and some cheapo bulbs, the bulbs were terrible, shoddy light pattern and nowhere near the 4300k they were supposed to be, so got some from TRS, much better quality but one of them flickers slightly, its the cheap ballast that's doing it so will need to replace them as well.
  11. Autoglass tomorrow

    If ETIS can get a cars data wrong then I'm sure they can as well. In any case, I'm not doing anything until I get a big chip
  12. DRL on 2011 Mk3 Focus

    you can open them with a hair dryer! its sticky stuff but once you get a bit of heat in to them they will give, I found that once you got a screw driver in, you could pull it apart, then at the same time point a heat gun at it and the glue just separates. the great thing is you don't even need to add new sealant, the butyl stuff is amazing. Permaseal on the other hand requires you to get the temp up to about 150c, which is unfortunately the same temp the plastic on the rear of the lamp melts at, as soon as you poke or pull it the plastic deforms. If you don't get it hot enough than the permaseal doesn't separate, I cracked 2 headlamps trying to get them open, purchased a depo one and had in open within a few min
  13. DRL on 2011 Mk3 Focus

    Get some Depo lamps, I have finally (almost) completed my headlight conversion, cracking open the lamps was a nightmare, if they used permaseal then your better off not bothering. I had HIDs in my halogen projectors, they had that massive kick up to the left, it bugged the hell out of me so decided to get some morimoto mini H1s and do the job properly
  14. Autoglass tomorrow

    cheers for asking, yeah its a little naughty but only fraud if you don't tell them, besides, is it any more expensive? its the same window just with a round connector instead of a rectangular one.
  15. Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi

    Just as you mentioned silicone hoses, have you ever noticed a silicone hose sweat oil? the top 90 degree hose on my car is every morning coated in a layer of oil, it looks like condensation, nothing else is, everything else around it is bone dry, I cant for the life of me work out where its coming from but its always there every morning!