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  1. Ya, Dancer! Its in and working, the oil temp sensor was a bit of a pain, replaced the sump and tapped a sensor in to the side of it, it was a bit of a job taking nearly 4 hours but we got there, sump can be removed without the DPF getting removed, I unscrewed the studs as someone on here suggested to help pry it off, unfortunately one stud was welded in place and broke, the other one above the exhaust was fine though so used a thin metal scraper to separate the sump from the engine after a bit of effort it popped off, there was about 100ml of thick black sticky oil in the bottom which didn't look healthy but it was lump free, pickup was pristine and no obvious signs of carbon build up or wear on the pistons etc. so all in all a job well done, operating temp for the oil seems to be between 80 and 90c, it idles at 80 and cruises at 90ish, ill take it for a thrashing once the roads dry up a bit and see how hot it gets. Thanks to everyone who helped with this wee project! :) Now, whats next...... :D
  2. with mine in the auto position, it does nothing until I start moving then gives it a wipe, not sure if that's planned or because the water on the window moved, its actually the only thing that bugs me with it, I wouldn't mind it doing a quick wipe to clear the water in the morning, but I guess it might not know the difference if its dry or not. I wonder if its the sensor that decides that it needs to wipe rather than GEM, which sensor version do you have?
  3. fuel filter prices are silly high, 100 quid for parts and labour is probably about right, the filter costs about 50 quid alone! as for priming it, its easy once you get the hang of it, just don't let any air go down to the HP pump, what normally happens is that you change it all over, connect it up then turn it over which sucks the last of the fuel out of the hose going in to the HP pump, once that happens the pump just sucks air. you need to keep that hose full to the brim before connecting it up. Ive never had any luck with those inline pumps, so a small syringe will do the job nicely.
  4. I changed mine a couple of years back, the winter after I brought the car I had terrible time with the gears when cold, changed the oil and all was well again, never been a problem since. they say there is no need but I don't think it can hurt it so if you have some cash to splash about then why not?
  5. Change your fuel filter, same symptoms and codes as a problem I had not that long ago, my filter was only about 5k old as well, I must have picked up some dodgy fuel, its been fine since I swapped it out for another one and that was 11k ago, I'm actually just about to change it again.
  6. To be clear, it doesn't support AUDIO over BT but it does, or should, give you voice calls, I always found it pretty rubbish to be honest. the later versions had BT audio for music etc but older ones were not so good. However, BT should work to some degree, so do you mean you cant get anything working at all, or that you cant get audio to play?
  7. 2 seconds, what camera do you have? parking mode is a feature of the camera, the F770 /F750 camera, most Chinese cameras do not have a true parking mode, they might have a GPS based one that starts when the camera is running but there tend to be less useful, less accurate and more power hungry.
  8. Ok, that's not correct mate. The "big black thing" is an inline fuse, you do not need to put a fuse on the yellow wire. The way it works is this, the red always on wire powers the camera, 24/7, when you stop the car and remove the key the acc power is turned off, the camera detects this and swtiches to parking mode, it doesn't use that power on the acc yellow wire for anything, its not connected to anything sensitive, it merely detects a voltage drop off then actions the parking mode. the red wire which is used to power the cameras delicate electronics needs the fuse. Parking mode can work in a number of ways, whilst the camera is in parking mode it keeps an eye on the voltage and will cut off the power at a predefined level or period of time, this is done to stop your battery being run down. The camera should easily last a night, and will problem last two nights if you don't drive the car anywhere, if you want it to last longer then you will have some issues. Parking mode can use, Event detection - vibrations, loud noises, impacts (10 seconds either side of the event) Motion detection- Records when something happens within the field of view (what this actually means is that the camera buffers a small segment of video, if it detects motion it dumps the 10 seconds before the motion and the 10 seconds after) Timelaps - this is a new mode on the F770 (or modified F750) this reduces the frames per second to enable a lot more video to be recorded at no additional cost in stoage or power, it will play back as a normal video only it will appear to be much faster, you can pause it and still read number plates.
  9. Sounds like you dodged a bullet there! you need to keep on top of oil changes and servicing with this engine, especially earlier models like yours. 6k oil changes, learn to do it yourself, its an easy job and will save you a fortune in garage bills. Personally id also get the EGR valve blanked off ASAP as well, no sense making the engine any dirtier!
  10. Hi and welcome to the forum! Does the engine make the noise whilst in neutral and get louder quicker as the rpm increase Or does it change as you get faster, as if its changing as the wheels spin faster
  11. you will need a hardwire kit, there is nothing special about it, you could make your own, but when buying one you have a lot less hassle and that's what you are paying for
  12. Aye, thats the best kind of Preventative maintenance Something I do notice quite a fair bit is how much of a difference the outside air temp can make and whilst the oil is slightly thicker she sounds a lot better when you get past 3000RPM, after half hour of driving it gets a bit noisy up past 3k
  13. you know when the fuel filter was last changed?
  14. go to loads of info there I would strongly suggest you get one with proper parking mode!
  15. not sure I can be bothered but a louder tick and a brighter blub would be some welcome modifications The black Mondeo cluster is slightly better, not any louder but the black cluster allows the green indicator arrow to stand out more