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  1. It seems to have the same part number but could there be any internal setting that are different and could cause issue, difficult to know I guess?
  2. Did you ever get anywhere fixing this issue or find the Fan Relay/Regulator/resistor (I've seen it called allsorts)? I found this while looking myself;
  3. cheers for that, do all alloys come with a load rating like tyre and if so what is the s-max rating or where can it be found?
  4. I'm thinking of replacing my S-max 18" ST wheels for a 17" set with a bit more rubber to give a less harsh ride. I know a lot of people go the other way and I like them but the kids & wife find them to 'bumpy"! The question is I know that the tyres should always be XL tyres but what about the wheels? I've heard and read that people say 'other' wheels won't be strong enough for the s-max and you need XL wheels as well? I have looked long and hard but can't find anywhere details of different strength alloys that are s-max rated etc. Also many sell wheels as s-max compatible but they are from smaller cars, Focus, mondeo etc. Who is right and where can I find out more info? Thanks
  5. Yeh on the control side I have applied 12v and no fan operated but I now realise that I hadn't at that point turned on the aircon so it may well work but it's too dark to test tonight so I'll try that in the morning. No wonder it wouldn't work from the control side! If I turn the aircon on (I assume the engine will need to be on??) and then the 12v supply still wont turn the fan then I'm guessing it could still be the module or the cable linking to the PCM? I don't have a spare module to test with but I could apply a test voltage to the link where the Lilac cable connects to but do you know if it's a 12 supply or not?
  6. The unit I'm referring to is more often called the cooling fan module, see link If I connect 12 volts to the car side nothing but if connected to the fan side the fan works well.
  7. Aircon gas was the first step, sorry should have mentioned. Which 2 relays? The relay that's the issue is the one attached to the fan housing, I am looking for a replacement but from what know it comes as a complete unit (no doubt so the stealers can make more money from us!). I am hoping to try to power the relay by wiring directly to the socket where the thin lilac cable connects but I'm not sure it's a 12v feed to that point as it comes from the PCM? Cheers
  8. Hi, thanks for that, if I connect to the relay side I get nothing as I would expect as the relay hasn't activated but when connected directly to the fan the fan works. cabling to the relay from the PCM then?
  9. I'm trying to fault find my aircon issue, here's the story so far; I get an error code - P0691 Fan 1 Control Circuit Low I can reset the fault which allows the A/C clutch to click in and run for about 5 seconds before cutting out, at that point the error code re-appears. The engine fan never starts so the assumption is that either the fan is faulty or the control wire (lilac cable) is broken or there is a bad earth at the PCM unit. The earth I'm no9t sure about as I would have though there would be other issues if that was at fault? Either way I need to test the fan operation which I know can be forced into life by unplugging the ECT sensor lead but I can't find it. If it does come on then I know the fan is fine and the likely culprit is the cable or earth. Problem 1; can some one help me find the ETC cable so I can test that? Problem 2: If the fan is fine then does anybody have an idea of where the likely break point is in the cable or if the cable can simply be replaced by a new one to the PCM unit? Cheers for any help
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums cs.dobson :)

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