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  1. Hello People

    Welcome , Im new too!
  2. im new

    Hello, Im new too. Welcome
  3. Shows??

    Im here there and everywhere with my Club KNW!
  4. Im New :D

  5. Making you aware

    I didnt open it either. Zectec Herb if you didnt click the link you will be fine :)
  6. Hello All. . .

    Cheers Chick
  7. Moderators please read

    Snap! I wasnt either then clicked the email, and now I am here!
  8. Hello All. . .

    Hello All. . . Just thought I'd pop in and say Hello. I aint new to the cruise scene, but however new to your site as an owners club. I’m Nicola, I live in Cheshire, I drive a Indigo Blue 106 totally standard no mods as she's going soon and the new car will be rolling in, sometime this year. Comfort or B00st!!! Im either after a Mk6 Fiesta or a Glanza. Im more on the Ford side though along with my fella. I have come over from aka KNW which I also own. I hope to meet up with you all soon or see you around somewhere along the line at the future meets when I finally decided which car to buy!! I attend most cruises, meets and shows.. So look out for me, if your out and about!!! Heres me:
  9. Introductions .....

    Im Nicola, Im 19 from Cheshire, I currently drive a 106 and looking at buying a Fiesta :)
  10. Making you aware

    I just thought Id let you guys know. :) Will block them now, until admin delete the account.
  11. Making you aware

    Just recieved a PM from mignulikz Saying please help click "" DONT CLICK THE LINK Just so you know guys you have spam bots on the run!