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  1. Cannot Open Rear Doors

    Thanks for that info. The connectors to the front doors have 6 wires and the rears only 3. Are you suggesting I apply 12 volts to the socket on the rear lock mechanism? The front doors lock and unlock again when I use the key fob (they wont stay locked), however if I disconnect the passenger door connector the drivers door will lock and remain locked. It makes no difference to the rears though.
  2. Cannot Open Rear Doors

    When I try to lock the doors on the key fob I can feel and hear the mechanism click, but when I try to unlock with the key fob I can't hear or feel anything. I was also having the problem of the front two doors locking and then unlocking on their own. I disconnected the passenger door lock wiring and the driver door would then stay locked when locked, which maybe points to a problem with the passenger door lock. It's all very odd. The car is due it's MOT and I'm pretty sure the rear doors not opening will mean a failure.
  3. Cannot Open Rear Doors

    No, it's definitely pulling on the rod and I don't think it's come un-attached at the other end. I think the child safety latch is applied that stops children opening the doors while inside. I'm trying to work out how to open the door with the panel removed. I would have thought there is some way. Also they don't open from the outside and having taken the front mechanism out I see that it's 2 separate rods one for the interior handle and one for the outer, so the chances of both being broken on both rear doors are very slim.
  4. Cannot Open Rear Doors

    Hi there I have a problem with the rear doors of my 2000 Focus Ghia. The central locking isn't unlocking them and I can't open them from inside either. I suspect the child safety mechanism is applied. I was able to remove the door panels, but I don't know how to now open the door. Any help please?
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