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  1. Electrical Help

    Hi Alan, thanks for all your help. I did the wiring again and fitted the new relay , then tested with a indicator bulb and blow the left hand side lights, spent 2 hours looking for the fuse then came on the site and found the solution. ran out of time so will test tomorrow. Brian
  2. Electrical Help

    Hi again Alan, I have stripped out and started again, thing is I can only get a pulse signal with a meter 0.01 of a volt. I have rigged up a bulb so I am going to test with that. Its a very good idea to connect them one at a time thanks. Brian
  3. Electrical Help

    Hi Alan, When I put my brake lights on all the running lights come on as well. the fog lights do not come on at all with the switch but do come on with the lights. I have a tester that plugs into the N12 socket, that comes on running lights on its own hours later. I have purchased another relay just in case the first one is faulty and I am going to have another go when it stops raining. I have a Haines manual but the wiring diagram colours do not match the car. Good A. Thanks Brian
  4. Hi, I have a MK4 mondeo hatchback 2008, I have fitted a tow bar and tried to wire it up using a 7 way bypass relay but have all sorts of problems. Has any one had this problem and could offer some advice. :( Brian
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Bking :)

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