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  1. Hi Everyone, I had a fight with a tree and it won :/. I had a cracked rear fog light reflector (which has been replaced). I also purchased the Rear bumper mounting bracket as left side doesn't have one. I couldn't find any how to on internet, Do you have to remove the entire rear bumper to fix it. Cheers for input and help. Rob
  2. Happy Birthday Bobsy!

  3. zetec zebra kia Caribou Mitsubishi meerkat
  4. cheers Gary, good to know!... I was using my contour cycle camera but it is just too big and bulky!! might pop into Halford on my travels to the shops and have a nosey at cams they have
  5. i have spider podium on from breffo
  6. If having a dash cam in situ.... do you have to have signs saying that you are recording? I had a friend say if you don't have the stickers then the insurance companies won't look at it, if a claim is to be made. I looked dubiously at them but thinking about it and the way society is know.... could there be some truth in it? I'm thinking of purchasing a couple of mobius for front and back
  7. Turbo Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  8. Spark plug? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Is this some obscure piece or we all going to go.... Doh how can we be that daft!!... It's a good one! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. Will make a mental note of that, normally fill up at milton, saved 6p a litre today. Sainsburys was 124.something the other morning when drove passed. Fourwentway a wee bit out of the way but not if filling up from work (work near babaraham). Stil getting used to the price fluctuation as I only fill up with 30ish mile till empty Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  11. Gas tank Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  12. I fill u with ahem... Tesco unleaded never had problems only go their because of clubcard points. Is there that much of a difference between the different companies .i.e. Tesco, bp etc? If so which would be the "better" ones to use? I live in cambridge and have texaco, shell, bp and supermarket chains tesco and sainsburys Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  13. Is there? Will have to have a look never noticed Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  14. Looking sweet as!!! A little bit jealous. Can't wait for an ST one day Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  15. Not heard of them tbh, will have a Google cheers Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC