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  1. Please get ford to check the upper strut bearings for wear. I had steering creaking and whilst going over bumps etc, technician couldn't see a problem until he checked this and once he replaced it fixed the issue. Parts are cheap about 33 quid the pair, labour not so cheap. 130 quid and vat 30 quid so about 200 but the steering and sus feels much better.
  2. Ford Focus Steering Issue

    OK thanks for the replies. Turns out it was the upper strut bearings. Well done artscot. Tool the car I'm yesterday and guess what the ford trained mechanic couldn't hear the noise. I must have brilliant hearing. Everything under the car was fine until he checked the strut bearings, they were excessively worn. They took 200 quid from me to do both sides, ouch, most of it was labour. The noise seems to be away and the steering feels better. But, there's also a slight sweat at the pas rack, not a leak, there's a difference as u know. Concerned, I asked to speak to the master mechanic who told me of a 4 year car its not unusual for there to be a slight sweat. He told me not to get a new rack - waste of money. He said you could get a new one fitted and it'd be doing the same in a year. Apparently, no matter what the leak, even under the 3 year warranty, as long as it is not actively dripping , they do not replace anything (ford bulletin) <<<< spelling? So sweats are apparently normal. What do u guys make of that? He did seem genuine enough. So basically my cars p.s fluid actually takes months, if not couple of years before it needs topped up. Surely that's not classed as a leak?
  3. Pas Fluid

    Sorry to bring this subject up again, it seems quite a popular thing for the mk 2 focus. I have a mk 2 focus, and while pas leaks are not unheard of, I was wondering if ford did a modified setup for the mk 2.5 i.e from 08 until 11 plate - particularly at the high pressure seal where the hosing meets the pump? The reason I'm asking is I was getting creeking steering which u may of seen in another post and I checked the pas level and I wasn't happy with it. It had fluid in the reservoir, but just below minimum when COLD. I think I almost saw the collection pipe - or pick -up pipe ( don't know its proper name) so I immediately filled it up, it took only about 50mls. After reading about creaking steering, I realise that isn't a symptomatic for low fluid but probably a bush or upper strut etc. I believe since I've had the car (3 years) the fluids always been that level. After filling up with pas fluid I've been monitoring the fluid and NO change in level. But underneath pump seems to be metal which looks stained with some sort of oil (not water) I wonder if this could be spilt engine oil? So did the mk 2.5 (11) plate get a revised unit? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys and gals. Jamie.
  4. Ford Focus Steering Issue

    Lol I'm only 29 non pas cars were before my days :p Lol even my first car - w reg fiesta zetec 1.25 (sweet engine) panther black had pas. But I remember my mum having the same shape but before fiesta was facelifted in 99. It was a 96 N and it didn't have power steering. I had a shot (illegally) and wow it was tough lol
  5. Ford Focus Steering Issue

    Everyone dry steers ?? Really? Lol :)
  6. Ford Focus Steering Issue

    Thanks artscot that sounds like a plan. Its &#33;Removed&#33; annoying! From the pas fluid that I topped up I haven't lost any, been monitoring the level. Intact, pretty sure I got the car like that at just over a year old. Are ford scrimping on the fluids lol
  7. Ford Focus Steering Issue

    My main worry is the steering rack. Cos my last car, an astra, I got told from several different places I needed a new steering rack. But the steering is smooth in the focus just that blasted creaking noise. Had a look under the car today and all the rubbers/CV boots/gators etc actually looked ok. But I guess u can't tell unless the cars jacked up or on a ramp. I really want to turn the steering wheel from lock to lock without moving through the drivers window with the bonnet up etc to get a better listen but that's bad for the tyres and rack etc
  8. Hello, I'm not very technically minded when it comes to suspension/steering. Over the last few weeks, occasionally I was getting a creaking noise when turning left and right at low speeds. Also, a slight hollow sound from the suspension when I go over speed bumps. I checked the pas fluid and to be honest, it was a bit low, but no evidence of a leak. I topped it up. The steering is creaking most of the time now, I don't know if its coming from the steering shaft or the suspension. Many other forums talk about lubrication of suspension conponments, but could someone be specific and pretty much point to the parts that need lubricated? I think its something simple. I don't think its anything big like steering rack. Its 2011 mk 2.5. As I said its creaking from left to right at low speeds like parking. I never 'dry' steer. Any ideas anyone? Thanks. Jamie
  9. True what tomsfocus says the kerbweight for these focuses are mad it's like 1.8 tonnes. Ur 1.25 will be nippier. Balance if u want spec vs sport. And consider at least the 1.8 unit. Depends what ur using it for to be honest
  10. Yeah the focus does drive better than the fiesta. The titanium comes with a lot of toys , but then the zetec s comes with less toys but looks smarter. If u get the titanium uu (one of the later ones like 2010 you'll get dab radio and USB etc that the zetec s might not have. Also u get better trim, well, seats in the titanium. I have the special edition sport (one of the last in the old shape focus) with is nearly a titanium in spec but not quite. The titanium also has rear elec windows and cruise control, auto lamps and lights. All the luxury stuff. The zetec s u get nicer alloys , a body kit and a start button - as does titanium. The 1.6 unit isn't fast but I find it fine. Think you'd maybe get a 2.0 in the sport.
  11. Focus Mk 2.5 Bumper Skirt Help!

    Interesting....I actually thought the eBay non genuine looked fine! In fact, struggled to tell the difference. Yeah thanks for that Sam I also think it would look just fine on its own on reflection
  12. Focus Mk 2.5 Bumper Skirt Help!

    Nice lights! I put boring white ones in. Yeah there will be a couple of skirts in a yard somewhere. Only thing is I think part of the installation is adhesive. .... :s
  13. Elm Cable

    Hmmm i take it your saying that as u can go really wrong with this cable. I wasn't wanting to change much just minor things. I probably wouldn't know how to back up my current settings. Maybe its too risky for me to use it?
  14. Elm Cable

    thanks dezwez. I got it just to see some cool things, cars are like a hobby of mine. I notice you have frost chimes off and I wanted to switch mine on and also key in ignition chime doesn't work. do u think there is a high chance they have been switched off at the dealers before I got the car? also will this cable work to switch the chimes on? p.s do I really need this software as I got a compact disc with the cable and it says I can use forSCAN. cheers
  15. Elm Cable

    Hello. OK I don't know if I'm in the right bit but I wanted to have a mess about with my mk 2.5 focus so I bought a modified elm 327 cable and cd disc.....and I was wondering if someone could tell me in simple terms what I need to do to get it up and running. Please? I have a laptop windows 7 if that helps