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  1. Knocking Noise When Changing Gear At Speed ?

    Ok will check them out thanks for the reply
  2. Hi all my first post looking for some advice, I have just recently purchased a ford focus 1.6 petrol 2005 (100bhp model) And I have noticed that when accelerating hard and changing gear usually 3rd to 4th I get a loud thump noise ? It only makes the noise when I release the clutch and it is in the gear I have moved into have noticed it from 2nd to 3rd also Not sure what it is I don't think it's the ABS test as I'm doing 50mph or higher and I have also checked the engine mounts by parking up and rocking the engine when cold and it seems tight enough can't hear any knocking Any ideas anyone ?
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums nuckingfugget :)

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