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  1. If you ever find the secret of keeping a white car clean do let me know haha ;)
  2. After spending all day driving her about (Nottingham city centre) and the local asda the drop isnt anywhere near as bad as i thought. Getting it off the driveway is a doddle now aslong as it comes off at an angle (reverse out straight and its gonna scrape!) As for speed bumps i didnt notice any kind of scrapes it took them quite well 10-15mph The only negative i have to say against the springs is that the ride quality has been seriously compromised, no longer does it feel like driving on a cloud its more like being repeatedly punched in the kidneys when on bad roads! Motorway? Super smooth! So all in all, i'm happy with the way my car has turned out, really does turn heads when out and about! Just one minor issue... white... doesny stay clean 0_0
  3. Hi everyone! I took delivery of my new titanium x fiesta yesterday and what a car! She's a real head turner, in her short lifetime her alloys and springs have been changed already! The springs have been replaced with Eibach pros and driving home from the garage i noticed a more bumpy ride from yesterday but i can live with that! Parking on my drive is a no go anymore as the front scrapes :( If my understanding is correct due to these being progressive springs they should drop even more when they settle?
  4. Quick update for you all, Got my front Grilles changed (upper, lower and fogs) and Alloys changed. Just under 2 weeks left until i pick her up now, excited isnt the word! Apologises for the poor pics, courtesy of my old man whilst i'm away! Managed to book in my Fiesta at a local garage to get the Eibach Pro's fitted for £125 incl tracking the day after i pick up too which is a lot better than the £360 quoted by ford! The extra 30mm drop will be well welcomed, too much gap in the arches at the minute! - Got to say though, white's going to be a killer to maintain 0_0
  5. It has the same spoiler as the Zetec S?
  6. It sounds like you got a good deal on your Titanium X, i originally felt that the price i was quoted was astronomical for a fiesta but considering all of the options and features the car has it was a no brainer. I did look at Polos and Audi A1's aswell but there was just something about the Fiesta that kept drawing me back! Ahhh i'm glad you've brought up the satnav, i havent actually been told whether the updates will be free or not, thats something i'll be discussing with them soon. If it turns out having to pay for the updates i'll just buy a tom tom. I got the reversing camera added just because it was there really its nice to have but like you said the screen is fairly small you'd be squinting to see it a lot! Thats put my mind at rest, i like the idea of it having 6 gears aswell. I found it really nippy and easy to pick up when i test drove one back in June, i guess the gearing changes you adjust to in time the more you drive it, really looking forward to picking it up now! Your car looks great, what colour did you opt for? I see what you mean with the 12 spoke's it does seem to suit the car very well the more i look at it! I've got some Lenso Bsx alloys i'll be fitting, i think it'd suit the black & white colour scheme i'm going for and should compliment the eibach pro kit that will be fitted too dropping it a further 30mm.
  7. Ahh i see, that explains why they dont come factory fitted. I've already bought replacement 16" aftermarket alloys to replace the 12 spokes but i'll be keeping them in my garage if i ever do decide to sell the car in the future. Colin are you on the ford lease scheme where you can trade in your car after a certain time for a new one? I managed to haggle with the dealer to get my grilles changed for free aslong as i sourced the replacements upper,lower and fog surrounds. I was going to list the original chrome ones online so thanks for giving me a ballpark figure of what they go for! I'd be very happy with those mpg figures if mine matches them, i'd be travelling from Plymouth-Nottingham every week so i'd be racking up fair amount of mileage so that makes me happy. Have you had any technical snags at all with your powershift? I'm a little paranoid after past experiences with Citroens "Sensodrive" i'm reallying hoping powershift proves to be reliable in the long term. As for seats i opted for the full leather option i didnt like the look of the partial seats. If you dont mind me asking how much did you pay for your Titanium X in total? I believe mine comes to £19,975 over 4yrs with a £5500 deposit.
  8. Hi Willy thanks for the speedy reply, that's great about sync working with 32gb> drives (theres no way i'd ever fill a 64gb with music though!) I was going to get a micro usb one so it sits almost flush with the usb port. Ahh i see now in terms of the Grille, i spoke to them at the time of ordering and we agreed that if i sourced the grilles & fog replacements they would fit them for free. I wouldnt even attempt to do it myself there wouldnt be much of a front bumper left haha!
  9. Hi everyone, I joined the forum a few months ago but never really posted anything (shocking i know!) generally all of my questions have been answered on other topics but i have a few of my own - I ordered a Ford Fiesta Titanium X all the way back in June after my C2 (The fiesta will be my seocnd car!) unfortunatly died so i went down to my local dealer (GK FORD) and ordered the highest spec Fiesta available. After having ticked every option under the sun i was told that because i've ordered a 1.0 ecoboost powershift i couldnt have the 17" alloys, they didnt really give me an answer as to why but i really detest the original 12 spoke ones! And they wouldnt fit a Honeycomb Grille in the factory which didnt really make sense to me either. So i ordered the grilles online and i've got replacement alloys to be fitted day one before i pick the car up in december (16" Lenso Bsx's) Here are a few pictures that my dealer sent me, the car arrived last week so im itching to pick it up already haha. Unfortunatly i'm in the armed forces and am currently deployed hence the reason for the 19th Dec pick up date! I'm also getting it dropped 30-35mm using the eibach pro springs the second day. Sorry about the huge paragraph! Here are a few questions i have that are realling bugging me any help would be great! Is there any reason that the fiesta titanium X cannot have 17" alloys? Has anyone applied the eibach pros to their Titanium X with the 16" alloys, if so how does it look? Will a 64gb usb work with Ford Sync? Thanks a lot! :)
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums arkvoodle94 :)

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