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  1. Mk1 1.8Tdci Starting Problems

    Well it was only a cheap starter from ebay. I guess I should get a multimeter and test the connections on the starter? I have tried that, sometime it does start when doing that and other times it doesn't, which I know isn't much help!
  2. Mk1 1.8Tdci Starting Problems

    The flywheel was replaced this year and I have had the starter motor apart and I can't see any teeth missing.
  3. I have got an intermittent starting problem with my car. Sometimes when I turn the key the solenoid will engage on the starter but the engine doesn't turn over. Usually when this happens it doesn't matter how many times I turn the key the car won't start, however sometimes after 10 or so attempts the car will decide to start, if it doesn't I have to bump start it. When my car does start it starts fine. I can go days and it will be fine and some days it will fail to start multiple times. The stater motor is less that 6 months old, I fitted it myself. I have double checked all the connections on the starter and the battery earth and they are fine. When the car fails to start if I put the lights on they don't dim. When this first happened the car did this for about 3 weeks then the problem just went away for a couple of months, but it has now returned. It will happen when the engine is cold or warm. Any ideas what could be causing this, I don't want to have to ask for more bump starts at the petrol station!
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