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  1. Hi all, So a little back story to the problem - I took my car out last night and whilst meaning to leave it in reverse gear while parked, I accidentally put it into forth, which caused the car to shunt forward with a bit of a loud grunt. Afterwards I drove the car back to my place (using all the gears), perfectly fine as if the incident before hadn't happened. This morning whilst getting into my car for work, I could happily put the car into first and second (luckily I needed reverse first), and the gear stick will not move to the right at all or select any other gear. The car will actually move as normal on the first and second gear but being unable to change from these is a massive issue. I've seen some similar posts and mentions of using WD40 on parts, but I am completely useless when it comes to cars. Any suggestions as to what it might be? Thanks very for any help Dan
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Danvonjohn :)

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