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  1. The Fun With A Fiesta

    so whats the most fun you have had in your fiestas? mine was leaving my mates 3.6L jag untill he got in to second then he was gone but i still beat him off the line :)
  2. My Little Mk5 Zs

    ahh the hiflys are just for now till i can afford a better bit of rubber and the wheels set it off if you ask me not like a few of the others with all the same standard ones and im from essex car is originally from Lincolnshire and its just a standard 1.6 se with 4-2-1 mani
  3. Hi Everyone

    hello everyone =]
  4. Car

    From the album my zs

  5. my zs

    my mk5 fiesta
  6. 20140702 140858

    From the album my zs

  7. 20140702 125633

    From the album my zs

  8. 20140702 125618

    From the album my zs

  9. 20140702 125555

    From the album my zs

  10. My Little Mk5 Zs

    just a few of my little moondust Zs swapped my mk1 focus for this little beauty what do you think?
  11. that bit xD and dont worry i got confused at bits myself just get a pair of pliers and squeese it together to make it pop open then you just slide the pipe off and get a jubilee clip on it so much easier
  12. Hi Everyone

    thanks resident loon =] someone that actually uses my name xD
  13. mk5 fiesta Zs

    From the album my zs

  14. screw driver prize it open orrrrr pliers squeeze together then it should sorta pop apart
  15. Hi Everyone

    im romford way =] and thanks for the welcome