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  1. Engine Oil (ST)

    Need some advice, my car is due for an oil change (2013 ST) and I am considering a few options; Option 1: Local Garage - They have given me a price of £90+VAT for a service, this would mean I keep the FSH on the car (37000 miles) but it isn't Dealership so is the FSH so important? I will be saving all my receipts for when I change my fluids so it will be recorded. Option 2: DIY - The recommended oil for my car is Castrol Magnetec which at the moment the cheapest I can find it is £48 in total for 6 litres (I need 5.7) Option 3: DIY - I have got a price for Comma Oil which is £34.11 for 6 litres which would save me over £10 Question is, is FSH worth keeping for when I eventually sell it (not in the near future) or is it enough that the fact I keep all my receipts as proof of servicing? I'm not factoring my own time in as I have plenty and enjoy working on my car, even mundane tasks like this. Alternatively, if I do DIY should I stick to the recommended brand for the sake of £15? Thanks in advance
  2. Blow Off Valve

    Having recently fitted an induction kit I'm now looking to make my car that little more...expressive. I know that the ST has a recirculated blow off but have been looking at changing it to a atmosphere one. I've looked at the Pumaspeed one but I've also noticed Mountune do an "uprated" recirc valve. I know recirc by nature aren't as loud as atmos blow off, but does it make it louder than the OEM valve? I want to here the whoosh but not so it sounds like a "Tesco car park ricer" Any suggestions?
  3. Xmas Bonuses, Festive Foods and Parties

    Can I come and work for your company! We don't get so much as a "Merry Christmas" from our MD before he walks out the door, nevermind a bonus. And our Xmas party was in June for last years Xmas...
  4. mpg dropping

    I've got the ST and through the summer I was getting 34/35, currently I'm getting 27! So a big drop off for me personally and I can only put it down to the cold, just had new brakes, use 98 RON Fuel, oil levels etc all fine. I don't drive very far at all to work so it doesn't do it much good in the first place but I make a point of going on a lengthy drive every other weekend to keep it running clean, maybe I could slow down on those long drives instead of hitting the country roads but I didn't buy an ST to worry about MPG so personally not too bothered P.S This is the first winter I've seen in this car, but my last car (Suzuki Swift Sport) also dropped off in the winter time too, but not as much.
  5. Oil Change Due

    Thanks guys, will try as soon as I get in the car!
  6. Oil Change Due

    My ST is flashing up on the dash that an Oil Change is due, however it was serviced Jan this year and the oil is still very clean looking so I have no doubt that the service was a genuine one (serviced before I bought it) Basically, how do I get the notification to stop coming up? I figured out how to change the tire pressure settings but I can't seem to find anywhere to change the oil sensor setting etc?
  7. I had this problem on my ST, we traveled all the way to Germany with it and my friends and I were convinced it was the left side bearing gone. Took it to the garage after getting back and there was nothing wrong with the car, the mechanic says new Fords, the Focus in particular is prone to the tires getting uneven wear and essentially developing (very minute) flat spots close to the wall of the tire. I've recently had new tires on the front and swapped the old ones to the back since they had more life left and the noise seems to have gone. Just not looking forward to find out if the noise comes back or not Just to point out the tires I had on the rear were Goodyear Eagle F1's so not exactly cheapo tires either
  8. Mods

    Thanks! Thought I'd best check with the insurance before even buying these, turns out I was right to do so as they won't insure me as I'm under 25 Gonna get a quote off Adrian Flux but I suspect a similar outcome, or a ridiculous jump in price Not worth risking it without declaring so guess I'm waiting for a couple of years , may be able to afford the MR300 at that point though.
  9. Philips xtreme vision bulbs

    I take it you'd advise against the Blue Intense then? Night Breakers seem to be somewhat cheaper, on Amazon anyway. Any recommended shops?
  10. Block a neighbours enterance driveway

    I feel for ya! We have a privately owned layby for parking for about 5 houses (10 cars) on a main road and a Pub directly across with a car park. Granted it isn't a well lit car park but that's besides the point. I'll leave the house for 10 minutes and come back and my space has been taken up by someone visiting the pub. They usually leave it there all weekend too. I've resorted to parking in front of the pub car park entrance. Seems to annoy the people stood outside smoking but ask me if I care
  11. Mods

    Thanks for the advice. The Mountune remap, if I got the induction kit from Mountune I'm halfway there to getting the full kit, I can't really afford the intercooler (which would be the only thing missing from the full upgrade). Is that really so important? I can get a cheaper one elsewhere if needed
  12. Philips xtreme vision bulbs

    What's the vision like with these? Big improvement or not?
  13. Mods

    Hi, Apologies, I've posted this elsewhere but doesn't seem as though that thread is getting much interest atm Looking at a couple of mods for my car Focus ST250. Just looking for a bit of advice from someone who has past experience possibly? OSRAM Cool Blue Intense, Mains, Dipped & Side lights (Fogs not a priority): Are these any good? Do they make a noticeable difference to the look of the car & the driver vision. Or are there better alternatives on the market for similar prices? I've looked into converting to HID but I can't justify the price just for lights (currently at £500~ each for LH & RH Headlight.) Pumaspeed Blow Off Valve: http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-Pumaspeed-Double-Piston-Dump-Valve-Kit-Focus-ST-250-Eco-Boost_15583.jsp&pic=2 How easy is this to install yourself? Been looking at a few videos and seems to be a little fiddly. Also is it worth it compared to the Stock BOV? Mountune mTune Only MT275: Is this a straight forward plug in and choose the selected remap or more tricky? I've contacted Mountune and they were a little vague on the details. It has to be Mountune as I'm a little vain when it comes to my car, especially now that my friends have decided to jump on the band wagon and are planning on getting their own Focus & Fiesta ST, and the one getting the Fez is looking for an already mapped Mountune. (Basically I like the badge and want to have the quickest and nicest sounding Ford in the group ) Mountune Induction Kit: https://www.mountunestore.com/collections/mk3-focus-st/products/focus-c346st-induction-kit?variant=826544541 How easy is this to install yourself? I know you can get this included in the mTune275 with the intercooler but I can't afford to fork out £1000~ in one purchase and I know if needed I can source a much cheaper Intercooler anyway. Again, I'd prefer the Mountune over anything else just because it looks that bit smarter.
  14. Low idle when internal fans on

    Yeah, probably better as its "Ford recommended" but there isn't one near me so I have the next best thing
  15. Low idle when internal fans on

    I had what sounds like a similar problem to you, although on my 2013 ST. As silly as it seems the problem disappeared when the garage I bought it off put ran some engine cleaner through it and advised that I fill up with high octane fuel just this once to see if it continued. It has seemed to solve the issue and I now try and use Shell V Power whenever I can, or as good of an alternative as I can get. My revs always seemed to drop after a long motorway journey and then coming off the slip road and having to wait at the lights before setting off again. It was a suspected sticking throttle body but we never found out as the problem went away. If this sounds similar to your problem it might be worth giving it a go, expect it would be a lot cheaper than having a garage take a look at it.