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  1. Not sure, didn't see them anywhere for sale on Ford website. I was looking at the Mountune OZ wheels which are £1300 for set of 4 so I'm prepared to pay. May have to give them a call
  2. I'm looking for the wheels from the ST Black Style pack on the new Focus ST range. I have the 2013 model but like the new alloys more than mine. Looked everywhere on the internet with no luck. Help would be appreciated, or someone looking to offload theirs maybe? Here are the wheels I'm talking about if you are unsure;
  3. Purchased LED's for my puddle lamps and gone to fit them, everyone says just pull the mirror all the way in and up and you can get in behind to fit them...No luck, the gap is way too small to fit my fingers in and I can't prize it out of the socket to fit the new LED. Any suggestions? Probably need to take the glass out but not sure how it comes out and since it has electrics feeding into it I don't want to just pull on it without knowing what I'm doing
  4. Trip to Oulton Park the other week and couldn't resist parking next to this
  5. I was thinking that but thought it could look like a cop off of the RS badge?
  6. I have a Tangerine Scream (Orangey Yellow) Focus ST I'm looking into swapping out all my hoses for coloured silicones but can't decide on a colour. I was thinking blue hoses as it's a nice complimentary colour for orange/yellow and will go well with the Ford badge, but I can't help but notice that the ST badge and all the interior lights are red. I don't want red hosing as I personally think it clash with the colour of the car too much. So my other option is to match the hoses up to the colour of the car (Tangerine Scream). What's you guy's thoughts, Blue or Orange? Also, I've looked on a few websites for where to get the hoses from and all seem to be pretty similar priced, is there any that are a standout best? And are they relatively easy to fit, once you get past the fiddly nature of where they are situated? I know this isn't a Ford, but I saw this at a show the other day and is my inspiration, so I'm going for something similar looking.
  7. Yep out of warranty in Feb, just missed out. Though the garage I got it from will probably cover the costs if there are any as I got 3 month from them I did say about it being a known issue and he just pleaded ignorance saying you can't trust online forums as only the people with the problems post there. Surely if there's a number of people posting about the same problem it's trustworthy info! haha. I'll be having a trip to them at the weekend hopefully so I can speak to someone face to face
  8. It was my local Ford dealer that I called, all they wanted to do was charge me £96 for a road test to see if they can reproduce the problem, but they openly said they wouldn't take it on a long enough drive that was necessary to reproduce it!? So now I'm lost of what to do. I fear if a call them back up and ask them to look into a TSB for it they will play dumb, seemed he couldn't wait to get off the phone.
  9. Would you be able to point me in the direction to get this TSB? I've found TSB for everything but this problem, I called Ford and they didn't want to know, hopefully if I can get the TSB to the garage where I purchased it they should be able to fix it for me.
  10. So, I went a lengthy drive to Blackpool yesterday (around 300 miles round trip) and car was absolutely fine up until driving through Manchester after coming off the motorway. When stopping at lights I found the revs to be bouncing, it would drop below idle, to around 500rpm and then bounce back to 1300/1400rpm, do so a couple more times and then settle, it then continued to do this at every stop until we parked up. It stalled on 1 occasion through dropping way too low that it couldn't recover but started straight back up no fuss. Yet didn't do it on the return trip. Car is still running fine and having only owned it a couple weeks is still under warranty from the garage so taking it in tonight. Basically I would appreciate if someone else who's had this experience know how it got fixed so I can tell the garage so I can get back on the road quicker with it as I'm not particularly looking forward to driving a Nissan Micra courtesy . Just hoping to speed up the process. I've read online that there was a recall when it was new for a similar sounding issue but I don't know if this particular one was ever sent back, or if it is the exact same issue Thanks in advance
  11. I've always been curious of the best washing products and thought I'd ask some advice on here. From past experiences is it worth trying to use products all from the same brand (Autogylm etc) to complement each others effectiveness or should I just hunt for the best deals I can get on specific products like glass cleaner etc? And also, who is your preferred brand for products, and why? Do you buy just so your shelf in your shed/garage looks nice (OCD) or for the quality of them?
  12. Thanks for the advice, yeah I'm a little worried about the insurance, although it is pretty cheap as standard, £700~ annual. The exhaust might be a nice route to go, I do like the sound of a good engine and a growl here and there. I've been wanting a car with Bluetooth/Aux input to play my music in finally, but I just find myself listening to the engine notes (guess I'm more of a petrol head than I thought xD). It's got the LED puddle lights, pretty much every gadget on it as it was an ex display car I believe.
  13. 21 Years Old Focus 13 Plate ST-2 Fully Comp - £675 (Privilege) My old car (Suzuki Swift Sport 08' 1.6l) was £440, not too shabby for a 2.0l at 21 then?
  14. Kinda new to the forums, joined a couple years ago asking a few questions but have recently "seen the light" as my friends keep on saying. So, my new car is a 2013 Focus ST in Tangerine Scream, completely standard for now, although I am weighing up the pros & cons of a Mountune kit, or something similar. Anyone give any advice on getting one? Is the Mountune kit worth it, or are other alternatives better? Is it worth it at all? I hail from Chesterfield, North Derbyshire, 21 years old, so if you see me around give me a flash!
  15. I am wanting to start a restoration project on an Mk2 Escort, bearing in mind I have little to no knowledge of how to restore a car but I have a family member who has been a mechanic practically all his life (I don't know how much help I will get off him other than advice as he is busy, I will be doing most of the work myself), I may be able to get some help from friends, how difficult would this be considering I am willing to take my time on the project to learn not just to build the car? And how expensive would you say it would be from past experiences? I'm also thinking of spraying it Ermine White, I know its not an orginal colour but 2 of my mates have both got Ermine White Mk1's and I think it would look pretty sick having those 3 cars together at a car show etc? What is your opinion? Thanks