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  1. Mine had to go back after the DAB failed again - see previous posts. The lease company have now agreed to take the car back and replace it due to the many issues with it
  2. No because the steering wheel control only does the preset not the list below it. However, As its my wife who changes the channels when she is a passenger she couldn't reach that button !!! :- )
  3. To Adam Just had a play with the channel store on the SATNAV unit and did a bit of lateral thinking !! If you tune a station from a BLOCK and store it by holding down one of the 5 touchscreen preset buttons it is locked in However if you press the touchscreen LIST button you can see all the stations available in that BLOCK and from the LIST function you can select one any of them. I tried this and locked in one station from each BLOCK on subsequent touchscreen preset buttons. Now I have a station from each BLOCK to select from. Then from there, using the LIST button, I can display a list of all stations in that BLOCK. This means that I can access all 39 available from the touchscreeen without retuning across BLOCKs (I only needed 4 presets 12B- BBC2, 11D - Tlksport, 11B - Smooth and 12D - Heat) I hope that makes it easier for you to access channels RE the comment about replacement aerials - I would agree as the external ones can be affected by moisture ingress(My previous Mondeo had this type). However the new Fords are being fitted with diversity antennas built into the rear glass (cleans up the roofline but adds to the complexity!!) . This is the type I have and uses the module I mentioned.
  4. When I said 38 channels stored - perhaps what I should have said was each time I changed Blocks, more new stations were available in the List option. What I was trying to show was that the radio nolonger dropped the stations it had found when the car was stationary while I was moving. :-)
  5. I have had a faulty DAB on my Mondeo Titanium X BE company car since it was delivered in October 2013 I could tune 20 stations but as soon as you drove off it would break up and lose all stations with the head unit (SatNav) displaying DAB not available. After multiple visits to local main dealer, I got fed up with having the "we have tried a software reset" and "another module behind the dash has been replaced" so I went to another Ford dealer in Stone, They were really helpful and between themselves, the lease company and Ford found the fault this week. (But not before the main head unit was swapped out but the fault was still there). The problem is with the diversity aerials in the two rear most windows (the side ones with filaments in them). There is a module BS7T-18C847-AB http://bettaautopartsonline.com/catalog/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=10&products_id=8419&osCsid=00d10i0itmahlrjkopka006gc1 This is fitted in the head lining above the window and connects to the window by the black 10mm X 25mm moulding you can see on the top of the window. (There is a 75mm lead that goes from the moulding and plugs in to the module above the FoMoCo logo in the picture) In my case the modules had been fitted incorrectly at the point of manufacture. A new module - type number BS7T-18C847-AB was refitted Drove home and then 30 miles to work with BBC 2 working perfectly and another 38 stations stored. Result! - However It took 8 months and I suspect that unless you have a lease company behind you Ford wouldn't have looked into the problem. Hope this helps and I hope you get yours fixed as the DAB is so much better than FM!
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Wotswot :)

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