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  1. Ford Galaxy Ghia

    Hi there looking for some help have a 05 galaxy with factory fitted dvd player but it now has no colour and a line at the bottom of the screen? Is there a aftermarket one for the car or do I have to try and get this repaired I am from Edinburgh and any help greatly appreciated thanks Derek
  2. Broken Air Con Pipe

    thanks all had to buy a pipe from ford at £261 @ vat
  3. Broken Air Con Pipe

    Hi it's broken underneath the ns passenger door was told I need a new double air con pipe at cost of £172@ vat from ford any ideas please thanks Derek
  4. Broken Air Con Pipe

    Hello there I have a broken air con pipe can it be repaired or does it need to be replaced where is the best place to buy the part I am in Edinburgh Thanks Derek
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums dalkeithdelboy :)

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