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  1. Heater Climate Control Switch Knobs

    It's a shame, I might have a go, so I don't mess mine up I will buy a spare and see if I can make it look more smart, hopefully to match something similar to the A/C knobs Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Heater Climate Control Switch Knobs

    Looks good, just ordered me a set Is there anything similar for the headlight switch knob? I've search in Google and struggling to find anything
  3. Good Touchscreen Radio?

    I have thought about that but I only get 4g signal in the city center, and I work 12 miles out from the city in a town which only justs gets a decent 3g signal, so streaming isn't much of an option. Saying that if I was to subscribe to spotify I could store playlists offline and play music through that when I get bored of the standard radio stations. But I am deffinitly considering getting a touch screen regardless of DAB or not. I will have to do a test run with streaming on my normal work route to see how it works out Thanks again
  4. Good Touchscreen Radio?

    Thanks Stoney, Great information provided, I didn't even know you could get the radioblende, that means I dont have to worry about it looking out of place now :) Seems like a pricey move to DAB, even more for a touch screen. It'll be worth it! Much appreciated Bobby
  5. Good Touchscreen Radio?

    Hi, I own a 2009 Focus 1.8 s, I want to change the radio to a DAB Radio, something that has touch screen, and sounds good. Most importantly looks good and not out of place. Any suggestions? Also because I am changing to a DAB radio is there any additional things I would need to convert? or is it as easy as plug in a DAB touch screen radio and go? I have attached an image of my current radio :) Much appreciated Bobby
  6. Hi, Just introducing myself, I accidentally posted a question here without checking the rules properly, my bad. My names bobby, I own a 2009 focus 1.8 s :)
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Bobby93 :)

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