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  1. Cheers for the replies. It's not reappeared so I will see if it comes back and then investigate more.
  2. I've only had the car for a couple of months and it was serviced as I brought it along with a mot. But I don't have a list of what was done on service.
  3. Driving home from work today and the engine fault light popped up on the dash and the message engine fault service now came up on display. This stayed on for a couple of seconds and then disappeared. Not come on again and the car has been started a number of times. All sounds fine and drives fine. Car is a 59 1.6 diesel. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. Put some - 30 concentrate in now smells of cherries mmmmm much better lol.
  5. Just emptied the bottle and no smell now when pressing washers but no water lol will refill with additive now and see if it comes back ta muchly
  6. Have just brought the car so possibly been standings for a while and no additive in the washer v bottle
  7. Thought it might be that but thought the smell came to quickly I'll drain the bottle and refill and flush out n hopefully that will sort Cheers
  8. I have a terrible smell when I use the front washers in the car. The smell is instantaneous from pressing the washer button but is not a hot electrical smell it's very eggie smell almost stagnant but washers work fine. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums heli195 :)

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