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  1. Hi all I'm after so mod suggestions but subtle ones, and don't want to affect warranty, lol Thanks
  2. Wales Meet?!

    Awesome, the welsh OC seems a little thin lol. At least there's someone near me lol
  3. Wales Meet?!

    I'm South Wales Swansea lol
  4. Ford Fiesta St-2

    Anyone from South Wales!!
  5. Ford Fiesta St-2

    I have the orange interior and it suits it great!
  6. Ford Fiesta St-2

    Hi and welcome, mines Molten Orange =) with MP215
  7. Hi All

    Hi and welcome
  8. Hi Everyone

    Thank you pal, loving this car especially since my car before was a 1.25 mk6 lol
  9. Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, Newbie from South Wales, I have a Fiesta ST2 molten orange with MP215 upgrade. Anyone on here in the South Wales area?
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums ShaunJarrett86 :)

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  11. ST2 Molten Orange with MP215 upgrade