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  1. got same question as i have same stereo
  2. i need to do this as well found a bit cheaper kit from here
  3. Stoney871 Is it true what Ed12 said? Ed can't find your link m8 maybe you can drop a link to it? thanks
  4. thanks for the reply but why do i need interface if i don't have any buttons on my wheel? or you mean the music changing buttons on the side of it? Also would i be able to fit it myself or do i need to take it to the garage? best regards
  5. Hi there Was wondering if this will fit my Ford Focus Titanium 2007 this is what i have now Best regards
  6. found that fancy stereo touch screen etc plus it can be fitted with rear parking camera, do you think that would be better off?
  7. i used that in car charger with the link above it has usb and aux so just pluged that in connected usb and its charging but for aux i bought flat aux cable and connected to glove box like you said
  8. hmm found this one which is similar to what others are selling but wireless connection from the box to the receiver but now i wonder how the box will get power lol
  9. Hi Was wondering if its possible to fit parking sensors on Ford Focus 2007 titanium 5 door hatchback? and if yes would you mind posting a link where to buy? best regards
  10. hi and welcome and yes you can check Guides for your model
  11. Hi all was wondering if any of you guys have used Mantis products? if so any good? So it in Asda thought to ask best regards
  12. wow what a great project :D
  13. looks interesting topic might have to save up for the one SeanW posted :/
  14. bought this any one has one?
  15. ok i managed to connect to the player my phone. Is there on a marken an item that i can charge my phone and use it to play music from it?