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  1. 59 Focus Glovebox Aux Socket

    The pins are right, but the plastic head is a bit too big .... grrrrr
  2. 59 Focus Glovebox Aux Socket

    Right, what a palava! As a quick fix I tried to separate the socklet as per the diagram from Stoney871. No luck. Not sure if I'm supposed to push, wiggle in, or wiggle out, or what, but I can't get the socket apart. So, I then tried to fit a new cable from the back of the head unit down to the air vents: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/361900286281?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2648&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT That doesnt fit the back of my head unit! I have attached photos of standard cable that goes into my head unit, the socket on my head unit, and the plug on the cable that doesnt fit. *****. I have now ordered a different cable ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181442971799?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT The plug on that looks a bit smaller. so I guess there are two different versions of the 6000CD head unit!
  3. 59 Focus Glovebox Aux Socket

    The cable has finally arrived from Outer Mongolia :) When I disconnect the old cable (that runs to the glove box) will that just pull out or is it likely to be zip tied behind the dashboard? Do I need to remove the demister switch panel to run the cable down there? What's the recommended way of getting the cable out through the demister switch area? Find a gap? Drill a hole? Remove a blanking plate? Thanks folks.
  4. 59 Focus Glovebox Aux Socket

    Cheers. Will get one. So that connects to back of head unit? In the meantime anyone know how to remove old socket? Looks like it should split into two halves or pinch to release...
  5. 59 Focus Glovebox Aux Socket

    Who's bottom!?!?!?! Will that involve assembly paste!?!?!
  6. 59 Focus Glovebox Aux Socket

    Hi folks. The aux socket in my 59 Focus glovebox has a loose connection ... every so often my ipod stops the music because it thinks the cable has been detached. I'm guessing it is either the socket itself, or the cable from behind the socket to the headunit. Whilst we're at it the socket is in a stupid place as it needs the glovebox open otherwise the cable gets squashed when the door shuts! So, which bit most likely needs replacing - socket or cable? Is the best bet to run a new cable from the head unit down to the centre console somewhere, and forget the glovebox socket altogether? I had a look on ebay and could only find one socket replacement ... in Hungary! (photo attached)
  7. 59 Focus CD Player Jammed

    It's a 6000 CD unit ... do I need keys like the image attached to remove it? Thanks.
  8. 59 Focus CD Player Jammed

    My 2 yr old has posted a 20p into the CD slot on the car stereo .... still plays ok, but the CD won't eject. Any ideas!?! Thanks.
  9. Oil Warning Light - Focus Tdci 59 Plate

    Thanks everyone ... our annual mileage is about 8400 ... so would you recommend having the oil change done every 6000 and just make sure the garage know not to do it during the annual service? Also is this warning light just based on time elapsed, rather than detecting an actual problem in the oil?
  10. We have started getting a "service oil" warning message on the dash, which I presume is because 12 months have passed since the car thinks we last had the oil changed/checked. I have checked the oil level and it is fine ... do I just need to cancel the warning light somehow? I googled it and found instructions along the lines of "ignition in position 2, hold down 2 of the pedals for 10 seconds". We had the car "seen to" in August 2014 (faulty fuel pressure sensor or something), then full service in December 2014.
  11. Thule Roof Bars On Focus

    I recently fitted Thule roof bars to my focus estate. It took me ages to find/dig out the fixing points, after much faffing around with web forums.... I didn't know the bloomin things would need to be dug out! (It wasn't helped by the fact I was doing this in the p*****g rain too! Anyway, roof bars fitted, couple of questions... 1. The fixing points had tiny rubber plugs in, which are partly threaded but next to useless. Can you buy aftermarket ones of a better quality? 2. When the roof bars are fitted, the feet don't entirely cover up the hole in the car roof... is this normal? Does it matter? (Have attached a photo to show the gap) Cheers
  12. Engine Malfunction Warning Message

    Well, it took a while... but the problem is now sorted. We were due to go on hollibobs, when the warning light came on repeatedly, and prevented the car from being driven. After a very strung out rescue by Green Flag, we got towed to our local garage. Being the tuesday after August bank hol they said it would take 10 days to even be looked at .... gaaaahhggghhh. In the end they advised to take it to another local garage who had some ex Ford chaps working their. Sooo.... turns out it was faulty wiring to the fuel pressure sensor, which was alternating between sensing full pressure and no pressure... hence the car was having a hissy fit. So, all sorted.... and only £250 all in. The chap at the garage said it could have been a faulty sensor, which would need to be replaced with the fuel rail... and another £300 ish.
  13. Rust Under Door On 59 Plate

    Have applied the Kurust (at last!) Can rubbing compound be used instead of ultra fine sandpaper like a 2000 grit? Wasn't sure if they're for completely different jobs.
  14. Engine Malfunction Warning Message

    Hmmm... will have another look tomorrow.... now I know what I'm looking for! Cheers.
  15. Engine Malfunction Warning Message

    Well, can't find any kind of filling implement. Looked under spare wheel which is also where jack is. Photo of my fuel cap here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/capture_release/210mz3