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  1. Brake Advice

    Hi Andrew I have the titanium x 1.6 ecoboost and I replaced the standard pads with EBC Green stuff pads they develop less dust and stop you quicker. I think there great.
  2. speaker test

    In test mode it sends a single tone through each speaker in the car to confirm each one is working. That is what I've seen, but I,m unable to find as yet the correct buttons to press for the test on my Sony radio.
  3. speaker test

    Thanks Stoney but that does not work either. Darren I believe on yours you need to press/ hold SKIP,FORWARD and EJECT to enter test mode
  4. speaker test

    Thanks for your reply Stoney. I have just tried that but nothing happens.
  5. speaker test

    Hi All Can anyone tell me if there is a speaker test for the sony radio in my focus mk3 as there is in the mk3.5 focus ?
  6. Voice control

    Thanks very much Wilco for the info . it seems a bit backward as it was available in the old system.
  7. Voice control

    Hi Chris Thanks for the reply Ive tried saying Climate but the system says it does not recognise the command.
  8. Voice control

    Hi All Can anyone give me some advice. I have a 2013 focus titanium x that has sync 1 the problem I have is that I can't use the voice command system to adjust the climate control, all it will do is the usb,aux in,and phone. In the hand book it says it should. Its not some thing I use much, I did about a month ago up date the maps with a sd card v6 as the original was v3 any ideas ?
  9. Hi Jeffrey I have used "5 wheel silver" and that's quite good match once you put the lacquer on once dry. I have also had on my 2012 focus a wheel repaired and the guy said he carrier a lot of different silver paint on board his van, but so he says it trade only to get it.
  10. 182ps Focus 1.6 Engine

    Thanks Guys for that it was very interesting. I thought there may have been some physical difference like the intercooler of turbo.
  11. 182ps Focus 1.6 Engine

    Hi All Can anyone tell me what the physical difference is between the 1.6 150ps engine and the 1.6 182ps engine.? I've looked around on the web but can't find a real answer. I think it must be more than a software upgrade.
  12. Radio facia removal

    Thanks Guys for your help !!!!!
  13. Radio facia removal

    Hi Ian Have tried with my bojo plastic tool but the lower black trim won't move. How did you remove it please.
  14. Radio facia removal

    Hi Ian The reason is cleaning the screen, had an accident with a can of drink and it went every where !!!!!
  15. Radio facia removal

    Hi All Can anyone tell me how to remove the Sony radio facia on my focus 2013 ? I have looked in my Haynes manual but it says there are two screw under the front edge and then to ease it off but there are no screws on mine can you advise me. Many Thanks