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  1. Focus MK1 Rear wiper upgrade - MK2 ??

    No MK2 wiper arms will not fit on a MK1, the spindles on the linkage is a different size and pitch. Found out the hard way.
  2. 2003 Ford Focus 1.6 Ink cruise control

    I was told cruise control was available on 1.8 tdci Ghia
  3. Red or yellow calipers

    I think yellow looks best but on yours colour coded would be it
  4. Speaker Recommendation

    What is a bugger is trying to fit 6x9 in a mk1 focus
  5. Tow Bar Fitting to 1.8 Estate (2001)

    Wiring diagram?
  6. Fitting A Tow Bar This Weekend

    Have we got a wiring diagram or set of wire colours
  7. Fitting A Tow Bar This Weekend

    I won a Towbar with ball, 7pin electrics & fixings on eBay for £41 all in inc p&p. Bargin
  8. Fitting A Tow Bar This Weekend

    I want to see some pics of the bar from the underside as I've looked under mine and I can't see where it goes as the spare wheel well is in the way
  9. Fitting A Tow Bar This Weekend

    I don't want NO friggin buzzer lol Yes I have heard that 7pin were phased out in 2012. Wouldn't twin electrics be 7 & 13 pin and ain't 13pin Gota be MOT
  10. fitting a tow bar

    Would 13pin be better
  11. Fitting A Tow Bar This Weekend

    I've got a Focus MK1.5 TDCI Ghia Estate. I'm looking at fitting a tow bar next week but I'm not sure if to fit 7pin or 13pin & if I need a bypass relay?
  12. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    It's a good lil trick I've found. I can also do a test mode for the trip computer
  13. Happy Birthday Ladiesman020!

  14. Only One Reversing Light !

    In think it should be uk law that cars need 2 reverse lights!!!!
  15. 1600 Or 1800 Diesel

    U can fit rear disc brakes. Easy