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  1. It's been said there are no bad pupils, only bad teachers. Since I was the accompanying driver and it was only her second time out... A shrug of the shoulders since nobody was hurt and after that she went with a professional - passed the test first time. "Lizzie" was on her last legs anyway, shock-absorbers shot, and the side panel flapping where rust had separated it from the boot floor. Amazing what the MoT did NOT look at back in 1970! Total write-off and (IIRC) we collected the princely sum of £15 from the insurers which went towards a used Herald 13/60 convertible.
  2. God, you lot are making me feel s-o--o-o-o old :) My first Ford (and first car) was a 1956 Mk1 Consul. It was six years old, with 55,000 on the clock. It quickly became clear that it was on its second time round... Got through a pint of oil to every four gallons of petrol, the column-change gear linkage was so loose that a quick change could leave the lever in neutral and the box in third (top). Had to open the bonnet and tug the linkage at the box to free it up. More often than not the engine would then be most unwilling to start again. I was really popular at traffic lights :D Mind you a bench seat combined with a column change was a young man's delight ;) Eventually filled the combustion chambers with PistonSeal, flogged it for a quarter of what I'd paid for it, and went back to a motorcycle (an Ariel 350, for my fellow oldies), which had sat in the garden under a cover for several years. It started first kick. Later Fords - a 1961 105E Anglia (maroon and grey) which ended its life in a ditch near Leighton Buzzard while giving my then-wife a driving lesson; a pale blue Mk II Escort estate, 1300cc and 29mpg on a very good day - went like the clappers*, though it could be interesting on tight bends if you didn't have a load in the back. Then a very, very long gap with other brands until we got the Fiesta EcoBoost in March. My son had an XR2 which he loved until some bozo in a Transit minibus pulled out of a side-turning. Luckily the minibus passengers backed him up ("dunno what our driver was thinking!"). Also sat in the back when he was 15 as he took a Sierra Cosworth round Castle Combe with an Under-17s Car Club instructor ("No, keep it in third and your foot on the floor.") That was an interesting experience. Thanks, Bob, for stirring up some great memories and giving us a chance to share them. *Relative to similar cars of that era :D
  3. New here, but as a former Puma owner, thought I'd contribute the figures for our 02 1.7i, recently traded in for a Fiesta Ecoboost. We used an iPod app, Road Trip, for our vehicle records, and from August 2010 to March 2014, the Puma had averaged 41.5mpg in 25,837 miles. That was mainly local trips and a 100-mile roundtrip commute twice a week, not using motorways. We thought it was great, since it wasn't always driven gently :D
  4. Highmac has found a new home... Hi to fellow members of the FOC :) Until March we were owners of an 02 Puma 1.7 and a 51-plate 206HDi. We part-exed both to buy a three-month-old Deep Impact Blue Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost with 3,000+ miles. Missus had joined me in retirement so we no longer needed two cars; both our old ones had been notching up increasing service and repair bills as they shared the 100-mile a day commute. The Fiesta has been returning around 42mpg since we got it (using the RoadTrip app to keep a record), almost exactly what we got from the Puma. However, this one doesn't cost over £200 a year for road tax, and the insurance is cheaper. But the electronics are mind-boggling after running cars dating from the start of the century. This seems to be a friendly place, so we look forward to being with you for a good long while. PS - Would have posted this sooner, but got interrupted by an email asking if I was having trouble posting... :D
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Highmac :)

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