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  1. Am well aware about the legality - no different to high wattage bulbs. Never heard of anyone getting into trouble for HIDs. Apply some common sense, no glare, no problem. ;) That aside (lets not go on about it): What a long day - changing the brakes was a nightmare! I don't think the wheels have ever been removed and it was a real wrestling match just getting them off. Then the same again with the blasted discs. Took some 3-4 hours in the end! HIDs also fitted. Am well pleased. Took lots of piccies and have written a step by step guide. Just got to edit/upload piccies etc. The best thing I've done to my car! B)
  2. Nobody? Looks like I will have to get the camera out when I install them for a step-by-step guide
  3. 5/30 and 10/40 are hardly worlds apart.
  4. cheers guys I'm sure I've got some 10w40 knocking about and was hoping to use that. Not much between them so may well still use it ? It's only a 1.6 runabout
  5. Get a good quality kit and you will never have a problem. Have always used www.superhids.co.uk on all the cars I've had. Brilliant kits and great service too. Always passes MOT. I use 6000k ones. Wouldn't own a car without HIDs now.
  6. Any tips? I've brought a SuperHIDs slimline kit which is plug and play. Do I need to remove the headlamps or anything? Will be looking to do this tomorrow as I've got the day off.
  7. Am doing an Oil change on my 2005 1.6 Focus tomorrow. Not sure what oil to get though? 5w30? 10w40? Any special instructions for the oil change or is it just the standard method?