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  1. Mk7 Arm Rest?

    Has adjustable position for angle, the knob is the height lock
  2. Mk7 Arm Rest?

    Here you go!
  3. Mk7 Arm Rest?

    Yes the arm hinges up and between the seats, you can get to the hand brake with it down no problem but I foind it fiddly to get the seat belt clipped it with it down. Will charge the camera a get some pics up later.
  4. Mk7 Arm Rest?

    Quick update. Received the arm rest from Ford and I am overall happy with it apart from 1 thing, this is that the same maker (Ford are subbing out) is selling on ebay for £50 less. Otherwise its a easy to fit as long as you have a rivet gun and drill, colour and patternation is a good match for the interior materials, the black leather is darker than my leather seats but I think this will fade in due course. Overall a woth while fit if you drive long distance and are looking for extra comfort.
  5. Mk7 Arm Rest?

    Ordered the same arm as tn.nielsen for £103, should be in by Wednesday
  6. Mk7 Arm Rest?

    Had a look at a mk7.5 yesterday, the arm rests is part of the center console moulding so I would have to change more parts.
  7. Mk7 Arm Rest?

    Will get down to Ford this morning and get on one order, just need to find out about the diesel tuning options avalible as I'm going to be doing 600-750 miles a week from August.
  8. Mk7 Arm Rest?

    Was the ford arm reset difficult to fit?
  9. Mk7 Arm Rest?

    Hi All Just got myself a Mk7 1.6 TDCI Titanium as my new run about, and have a few questions. First, has anyone fitted an arm rest like these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/130526957167?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT or is there a proper ford one avalible? Second, has anyone chipped the engine for better MPG and if so which chip have you gone for? Third, on the front windscreen to the left of the mirror I have a black "sensor" fitted. I know its not for the auto wipers or dimming mirror. Could it be part of the keyless entry system? Thanks Neil
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums neil5208 :)

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