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  1. Yep, been in touch with the seller, it's getting picked up Tuesday. Thanks for the help.. :D SS.
  2. Thanks for the reply. No, it doesn't auto start, wont load. Cheers, SS.
  3. Hi, First post & a question for the experts. I have a Ford 6000 RDS EON cd/radio that I want to fit in my caravan, bought one off ebay, arrived today, but I'm having problems getting it to work. I've connected it to a 12v battery/speakers, & on switching it on I'm asked to enter the code, which I do, the radio then displays this in the picture below. Pressing any button after this is futile, it still displays the same no matter what you press, & the CD Player doesn't work. I also need advice on this aswell. Correct me if I'm wrong, do I just need a positive, & negative + speaker connections to make this work in my caravan.? The picture below shows the connections on the back of the CD/Radio. On connector A I have number 1 connected to the positive on the battery. Connector A I've number 6 to the negative. And I'm using 5,6,7,& 8 on connector B for the speakers. Have I got this wired correctly.? Or do I need further connections.? Also I see that the ariel is a differnt fitting, can I get a proper fitting, or do I need to solder the connections.? Sorry for the questions, but I'm not really upto speed on this stuff. Thanks in advance, SS.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums ss03947 :)

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