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  1. Fiesta Tdci Zetec S

    Hello again Yea got all the codes up on screen just what am I looking for?
  2. Fiesta Tdci Zetec S

    Hi yea thanks for the reply it's a 1.6 no lights going mad yes it has got a trip comp how do I get into this hidden codes? Then car hasn't played up for a week now cheers mike
  3. Fiesta Tdci Zetec S

    Hi guys new to this forum just wondered if anybody had this problem 2008 fiesta zetec s tdci 120000 miles goes lovely normally love the car but about a fortnight ago went to start it didn't fire or anything I had got into it wrong on the fob I thought so locked it back up deadlocked etc went back in a few minutes still not firing just engine management light on anyway messed about with the fuses had another go and it fired up sorted I thought anyway next day driving to work just cut out rolled down road pulled over turned ign off then started again this happened 3 times on a nine mile journey the car done it once the next day and it hang happened since last sat so now I literally dip the clutch turn it off and restart it again any ideas chaps thanks mike in ross on wye
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