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  1. Focus 1.8 tdci 04 Power steering seems to work only when engine reving above 2000 revs below this rev range its like the power steering not working properly or at all at times any ideas about what's wrong would be welcome?
  2. Are the engine rocker bushes the engine mounts?
  3. 1.8 tdci hatchback 04 plate Knocking noise when clutch is released and car out of gear any ideas anyone? Cheers!
  4. When something similar happend to mine an injector had gone so you might want to get them checked
  5. thank for reply about fuel filter stef but after trying to start car its come up with dtc code of 9202 fuel sender open any ideas anyone????
  6. last night car not pulling after changing gear only for a second or two .this morning car would not start would turn over on starter motor but not fireing engine code comes up as low fuel pressure so could be many things. car is a 1.8 tdci focus on a 04 plate any ideas welcome cheers!
  7. cheers for reply but it turned out to be the crankshaft position sensor got it changed and its fine now but thanks for trying to help!
  8. Hi need help with 04 1.8 tdci focus it starts fine but when I go to pull away or rev engine above 1100 revs it stalls on me starts fine again straight away but keeps stalling when I rev the engine any ideas?
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums cody :)

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