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  1. Will the key code be in the car docs? Also looking at this kinda thing: But I cant seem to see anywhere if it will start the car - or if it will only do the doors etc.
  2. Hi, My wife lost all out spare keys, been quoted 200 for each (one ford, one citroen). Anyone know if I could just get of these: Then get it cut and program it myself? Is this possible? Thanks!
  3. Awesome. Many thanks. Thought it would be a big repair :)
  4. Thanks. My wife was driving - had baby in the car so had aircon on pretty high as its sooo hot here. So this could be it. It was dripping in the road though - quite a lot was coming out. Leaving a small trail. Is this normal?
  5. sorry - double post, see below
  6. Hi - My ford Focus Cmax is leaking water, several drops, constantly from underneath. The leak is somewhere near the front, about where the handbrake is, perhaps nearer driver side? I cant tell because the car has a protective plate beneath. What could this be? Its definitely water - I tasted it. Could it be a cracked pipe? If so - what should I do - will it cost a lot to fix? Car is showing no problems. Please help - taking the car on holiday in a few days! Thanks
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums samuelodog :)

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