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  1. Stereo Firmware Update

    Gutted about the website. Hope it will be back.
  2. Stereo Firmware Update

    Is there anywhere I can download the firmware at all?
  3. How Can I Wire Permanent Phone Charger?

    Have you got any pictures of this? My 12v is in the centre armrest.
  4. How Can I Wire Permanent Phone Charger?

    Im wanting to do this and feed a USB slot into the top dash storage compartment. Did you get this sorted?
  5. Focus Mk2.5 Trip Display Upgrade

    So in other words "not happening! "
  6. Usb Connectivity With Iphone 5

    Just tried using the website but it doesn't work. Is this still possible to download?
  7. Usb Connectivity With Iphone 5

    Oh poo! I just bought one of these cables from eBay for £20, i should i have read this thread first!
  8. Focus Mk2.5 Trip Display Upgrade

    No one any ideas?
  9. Second Time Ford Owner

    At the moment the only thing I will be doing is tinting rear windows, wind deflectors and activating a few things by a modified elm.
  10. Focus Mk2.5 Trip Display Upgrade

    I have tried searching high and lo for this answer but can't seem to find one. Has anyone tried fitting the econetic (from where I believe it comes from) trip display? It's the bigger one than what's usually on the MK2.5.
  11. Second Time Ford Owner

    Hi everyone. Just purchased a 60 plate 1.6 TDCi Focus Titanium in Frozen White. This is to replace my 2007 Astra 1.9 CDTi SRi which is pretty much falling apart. I have owned a Ford Fiesta MK5 before and loved it. I'm so glad I'm getting heated windscreen again :)
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums AciidSn3ak3r :)

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