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  1. I Ford pop owner
  2. I'll have a look for it when I get home mate. Might be a bit of a drive for you though. You going to ford fair this Sunday Ford pop owner
  3. I only fount one guy in my area who came recommended set then up on a rolling road and only cost me 80 quid. Got 161bhp out of them Ford pop owner
  4. Yes mate she's on the road in east anglia Wisbech to be precise. Got a 2.1 litre pinto with twin 40 webbers in her Ford pop owner
  5. Anyone know if classic ford are going wanted to see if they had a space for me to park my ford pop on to show if not how do I show it Ford pop owner
  6. Hello Jason I'm like you a new joiner with an old ford. I see that not of the posts are for newer fords but I'm hopeful. I got a 1956 ford pop Ford pop owner
  7. I hopefully should be going with my 1956 ford pop Ford pop owner
  8. Hey all this is our ford pop family project. It's a 1956 ford pop with a 2.1 litre pinto engine in it. It's got twin 40 dcoe on it and runs at about 181 bhp. It's an ongoing project for us but it runs smooth and drives nice. Will post more pictures once I've taken some more. Ford pop owner
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums mr_negus :)

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